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chainsaw attachment for circular saw
chainsaw attachment for circular saw

A chainsaw attachment for a circular saw allows you to cut beams and posts more precisely than with a standard blade. You can install the Prazi attachment quickly and easily—all you need is one bolt on your saw guard—and it provides precision circular saw cuts. You can easily cut beams, posts, logs, and more with just one pass. You’ll have a beam, and a post-cutting circular saw in less than 120 seconds.

Prazi Beam Cutter

You can easily install the Prazi Beam Cutter chainsaw attachment on your circular saw in less than 120 seconds. It fits most circular saws and is compatible with 99% of them. There are two attachment types: one for sidewinder saws and the other for worm drive saws. When you purchase the attachment, you should first determine which kind of circular saw you use.

Prazi Beam Cutter Chain Saw Attachment for Circular Saw.

The Prazi Beam Cutter chainsaw attachment runs at a slower RPM than a standard saw chain. Therefore, you should lubricate the chain with WD-40 or silicone spray after 20 cuts. Do this after repeatedly each time you perform twenty cuts to enhance the tool’s life and performance. The chain is also sharpened with a 5/32” file. This chainsaw attachment comes with no additional tools, but if you already own a circular saw, you can use it to cut beams, miters, stringers, arches, compound angles, and 6×12 panels.

The Prazi Beam Cutter can be attached to various circular saws, and it has a 12″ cutting capacity. With this tool, you can also cut rafters, multiple stair jacks, and logs. It also features a durable guide system to prevent overcuts and overcutting. This versatile chainsaw attachment is available for several popular circular saw models.

The Prazi Beam Cutter is an affordable accessory for a circular saw that turns it into a beam-cutting machine. You can upgrade the circular saw from a 7 1/4″ model to a 12″ model with the Prazi Beam Cutter. This attachment is effortless to install and comes with an instruction manual. You’ll find the beam cutter for your circular saw at many chainsaw accessory stores.

18 Inches Prazi Beam Cutter Model PR-8000.

The Prazi Beam Cutter is designed to make cutting a piece of lumber easy and fast. It is compatible with nearly all circular saws, including sidewinders and left-handed blade models. It is durable and can cut lumber up to 12 inches thick. It’s easy to use and install and will provide excellent results. It is an excellent investment for a circular saw.

Makita 5402NA

The Makita 5402NA chainsaw attachment is one of the best ways to get your hands on a high-quality cutting tool. It’s a popular accessory, with over 100 reviews on Amazon and a five-star rating. Unlike other chainsaw attachments, this one is designed explicitly for beam cutting, so it can easily remove overgrowth and clear a space. You’ll need a circular saw with a standard or variable speed drive to install this tool.

The Makita 5402NA chainsaw attachment features a 15.0 AMP motor with high-speed rotation for powerful results. The blade spins at 2,200 RPM, delivering a low-noise level. Unlike other sawmill attachments, the Makita 5402NA is portable and weighs only 32.1 pounds. As a result, the Makita 5402NA is an excellent choice for those who aren’t worried about carrying a bulky circular saw. In addition, the Makita 5402NA has a large trigger handle for secure adjustments.

Makita 5402NA 16-5/16” Circular Saw.

Another great accessory for the Makita 5402NA chainsaw is the Prazi beam cutter. This tool offers a 12-inch cutting depth, which is an improvement from the typical two-inch cutting depth. In addition, the chainsaw cutter is compatible with 99% of seven-quarter-inch circular saws, and it’s cheaper than most of its competitors while still providing high-quality results. You can buy it online for a great price at the Makita website or buy it from us through our affiliate partner link.

Prazi Beam Cutter is an excellent accessory that you can attach to a circular saw to get the best work. This cutting attachment can make one-pass cuts in beams, railroad ties, and other structures. This chainsaw attachment is compatible with nearly all kinds of circular saws. Remember that the Prazi Beam Cutter is available in two different versions – sidewinder and worm drive. So, if you’re planning to use a chainsaw attachment on a circular saw, it’s recommended to buy the one that matches the blade size of the saw. And these two are readily available in the market.

Replacement chain

You can purchase a replacement chainsaw attachment for your circular saw online. This attachment fits most 7-1/4″ chainsaws, including Bosch, DeWalt, and Craftsman. To find out if your chainsaw is compatible, you can check the manual or contact the manufacturer. It costs about $20. It also includes washers. Alternatively, you can find it at your local tool store. Again, you can check the manual to determine if the chainsaw accessory is compatible with your machine.

Choosing the proper chainsaw attachment depends on your specific needs and preferences. For example, a fence can be necessary when using a circular saw. It helps to make safe cuts by providing a wall to guide the saw. Its primary function is to keep the saw blade from ripping through the material. Moreover, it can be adjusted and locked for a precise length. Some guides are also adjustable. Replacement chainsaw attachment for the circular saws is designed to fit all major brands of circular saws.

A rip fence and rail cutter are two tools compatible with circular saws. One of them is the Prazi Beam Cutter. This attachment allows you to cut beams up to 6-3/16 inches wide. It fits on 99% of 7-1/4″ circular saws. It is also designed for cutting beams, a critical part of roof cutters’ jobs. You can even cut logs with the Prazi Beam Cutter.


A chainsaw attachment is a versatile and valuable accessory for your circular saw. You can use it to cut anything from rafter pitch cutouts to arches, stringers, and miters. These saws can even cut up to six-by-12 panels. In addition, they can even cut compound angles. You can purchase a saw attachment for your circular saw for less than $250. Even though they are under $250, these saws can perform much work.

You can purchase a chainsaw attachment for your circular saw if you’re a serious woodworker. Many of these products are sold separately and can help you cut a lot more than you would with a regular circular saw. A few examples of popular chainsaw attachments are listed below. For instance, a chainsaw attachment for a circular saw allows you to cut rafter pitch, make miters, and cut stairs. These attachments are compatible with many different models of circular saws.

Chainsaw Attachment for Circular Saw User Tips

Before using a circular saw, there are a few features to consider. Regardless of the sort of saw you have—electrical or gas-powered, bar length, heated handles, engine size, and so on—these optional additions can significantly impact it. Because there is a risk of injury when using a chain saw, I recommend that you consider the following features when purchasing a circular saw:

  1. Chain Brake: A chain brake is a device used to stop a moving chain and prevent injury. The inertial chain brake is designed to engage and stop the chain from the saw’s rotational motion if there is a kickback (a kickback causes many chainsaw accidents). When the upper quadrant of the guide bar’s tip makes contact with but does not cut through, an impediment while the chain is rotating, kickbacks occur.
  2. Chain Catcher: The chain catcher prevents the chain from derailing and falling off the guide bar. A projecting bar at the bottom of the saw is supposed to stop a chain from rotating if it breaks.
  3. Safety Throttle: The Safety Throttle prevents you from pulling the trigger (the saw’s throttle) unless you have a solid grasp on the back handle. It also inhibits chain acceleration if the trigger comes into contact with something while the chainsaw motor runs.
  4. Front and Rear Handle Guards: Chainsaws are built for right-handed users and have handle guards at the front and rear. By gripping the rear handle with your right hand, you may control the saw and throttle trigger. Hold the handle on the saw’s top with your left hand to regulate lateral movement and cut depth. As a result, the front handle guard will assist in protecting your left hand, wrist, forearm, and upper torso. Furthermore, the widening of the back handle to create a rear handle guard is intended to protect the hand from damage. When held on the ground, it can also help start the chainsaw.
  5. Anti Vibration System: When using a chainsaw, there is a lot of vibration, which can cause numbing and tingling in the hands, as well as carpal tunnel injury. Most individuals can’t hold a saw for more than a few seconds without an anti-vibration mechanism. These systems use rubber bushings or coil springs between the engine and the handles.

Before You Buy a Chainsaw Attachment for a Circular Saw

Before buying a chainsaw attachment or circular saw, it is good to make some considerations and reduce your options. Chainsaws are best for chopping down branches with a diameter of more than two to three inches, cutting up logs for firewood, or chopping down an entire tree. When used correctly, it is the most efficient and safest tool for the job. Depending on your needs, other saws to consider in place of a chainsaw are a bow saw, hedge trimmer, or loppers.

Chainsaws are available in various brands, styles, and sizes at most retail stores. Still, if you want to buy a chainsaw, you should first decide whether an electric or gasoline-powered chainsaw will best suit your needs. Both can cut wood, but comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges. In general, here are some features to consider before buying a chainsaw:

The Electric Power Chainsaw

If you want an electric chainsaw, you want one light in weight, has no fuel or fumes, is easier to start, is quieter, can be used indoors, requires less maintenance, and is less expensive. One disadvantage of using an electric chain saw is that it cuts more slowly. So this is because the chain rotates at half the speed of a gas saw’s chain.

Gas-Powered Chainsaw

If, on the other hand, you prefer to acquire a gas-powered chainsaw, you might think about the cutting speed (gas-powered saws feature higher chain speeds of up to 70 mph, which means you can do more work in less time.) Another thing to consider is the variety of options and cutting capacities (from 6 pounds in weight up to forty pounds). Finally, because it does not have an electric cable that restricts movement, you can use it in any situation except indoors.

More safety features and aftermarket attachments are available with the gas-powered saw. Furthermore, because they are widely regarded as the industry standard, you are more likely to find built-in features like chain brakes and accessories to make them more accessible and safer. However, they are usually more expensive.

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