The Top 8 Drill Bit Types

dewalt-dwa1184-14piece-set-black-oxide-coated-hss-twist-drill-bit-setA drill bit is a particular type of cutter that forms holes. Most people refer to it as a hole cutter. And when they think of a drill bit, they think of a simple tool that you can find in any house or machine shop.

When choosing a hole cutter, keep in mind that it should have a brad-type point rather than the screw tip found on auger bits used in a hand brace.

Drill bits are commonly used for drilling through wood and metal and have a simple shape.

Most people are unaware that drill bits are used when companies drill for oil in the ground. However, the bits used in this case are highly sophisticated and very expensive.

When using a hand tool, the screw tip is meant to drag the cutter into the job, but when using a power tool, matching the screw pitch requires a precise rpm, which you cannot coordinate when using a portable electric drill. However, bits are easy to manage if you know how to use them.

Drill Bits That Are Both Effective and Affordable


dewalt-titanium-drill-bit-set-impact ready-dd5160Titanium-nitride-coated bits claim a seven-fold increase in longevity over regular bits. The titanium bits are suitable for various materials, including cast iron, stainless steel, wood, and plastics. However, piercing rigid materials like steel can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the correct bit.

DEWALT developed a titanium pilot point drill to help with the most challenging part of the drilling process: drilling through hardened steel. These bits are noted for their long life, resistance to stalling, dulling, and chipping even after many uses.

The bits are particularly well suited to various tasks, including installing automobile engine parts, adjusting manifolds, and drilling out broken bolts.


dewalt-spade-drill-bit-dw1587They are also known as wings or flat bits and come in various shapes and sizes, but they are all intended for power drilling into wood. Although they scrape more than they cut, they make clean, precise holes when kept sharp and used correctly.

These bits come in a variety of sets, which is an advantage. As a result, they’re suited for a wide range of jobs. They’d be worth the money even if you only used them to drill bigger holes.

Spade bits function best at faster RPMs, contrary to the good general rule of drilling large holes at moderate rates.


bosch-ti14-titanium-metal-drill-bit-setTitanium is one of the most common drilling bit materials because it has a long-lasting coating that increases its life. And with a titanium drill bit, you can bore through the material faster than other drill bits.

This titanium bit has a balanced double flute that reduces vibration and lasts six times longer than high-speed steel. One of its main advantages is that it saves time, reduces muscle stress, and extends the drill battery’s life duration on projects.


irwin-drill-bit-set-3/8-inch-reduced-shank-60148This IRWIN Drill Bit Set is designed for general use and features a 3/8-inch shortened shank. M-2 high-speed steel is used to make these drill bits, which provide strength, heat, and wear resistance. They’re pretty good and sharp, and they work well in steel and wood.

Because of the many drill bits provided and their versatility, this is considered one of the best. The kit includes 29 drill bits made of cobalt steel and heavy-duty web construction. It has a lengthy life expectancy as well. As a result, it’s simple to use for both beginners and experts.

The tap and drill selection chart is particularly beneficial for those new to power drills and bits, and the strong case keeps the wide variety of bits from falling out or twisting around inside the kit while in transit.


dewalt-masonry-drill-bit-set-percussion-dw5207This drill bit is well known for rapidly and effortlessly piercing through concrete without making it dusty or challenging to deal with. On tough concrete jobs, the quality and design, as well as the strength of the bits, will astound you.

They appear to be quite decent for the price. They fit perfectly in the chuck of a Dewalt hammer drill.

Unlike other inexpensive bits, which can take an hour to achieve absolutely nothing, this Dewalt drill bit will undoubtedly provide the best results.

With one of these bits, you can quickly make 3 x 1.5-inch holes in a matter of minutes.

For longer bit life, the rock carbide tip maximizes carbide surface contact. For rapid, effective drilling, the four-flute design cleans out debris.

In addition, the shank’s three flats prevent the bit from slipping in the chuck. Use electric or cordless hammer drills for the most outstanding results. It’s perfect for piercing brick, block, concrete, and masonry.


irwin-1869391-weldtec-self-feed-wood-drilling-bitSelf-feed bits, like auger bits, have a screw tip for placing the bit. They also make clean, precise holes. However, because of their work, you must stop the operation from time to time to clear the debris.

The welded cutting edge is designed for long life in rigid materials, such as nail-embedded wood. A significant bit that stays sharp and can drill a lot of holes with no difficulties or slowing. The chipper blade is the first element to dull, so I recommend “filing” it down regularly.


tile-glass-drill-bits-set-masonry-carbide-tips-drilling-bits-for-soft-ceramic-tile-mirror-plasticThese bits have carbide tips that allow you to bore holes in tiles without damaging the tile. For different sorts of tiles, various tile bits are designed. As a result, double-check the package to guarantee that it can drill into your tiles.


wire-gauge-drill-setWire gauge drill bits are used in wood, metal, and plastic applications that require more precise hole sizes. Because the bits drill exact hole sizes, they are ideal for tapping. A wire-gauge set contains bits that come close to drilling accurate-size holes.