About Us

I’m glad you’re here. This website’s main goal is to restore God’s relationship with man. As you can see, some of your prior decisions have had an impact on you and have prevented you from achieving your potential. However, when you are aware of the truth and put it into practise, you will be set free. The goal of this blog is to examine life’s problems and suggest answers that will help people overcome them and return to their Creator, God. Until you go back to the Creator to learn why He created you, life on Earth will have no meaning.

We make decisions in life as free moral agents that occasionally affect the quality of our earthly existence. But how much longer will you put up with mediocrity? Discover the truth, then set yourself free to live the victorious life God has planned for you.

The truth is, you weren’t created to settle for less. God’s plan for you is to be fruitful and multiply and to have dominion over this present world. The only thing limiting you is you. Until you decide it is enough and return to God to help you, your life on earth will not be fruitful. It’s what you know that’ll determine how far you’ll go in life. Life changes take place as a result of applying the truth.

Man was created to rule the earth, but as you can see, he is hampered on all sides, making it difficult for him to take pleasure in what God has given him. Some of your life choices have reduced the dominion that you ought to have. On this blog, you will learn the truth about life’s difficulties and how to free yourself from the obstacles preventing you from achieving your goals in this world.