About Us

Basic Power Tools is a site that provides reviews and information about power tools. We strive to bring you the most up-to-date info on any given tool, as well as provide helpful advice for choosing which one will work best in your situation!

Our Vision

When you’re looking for power tools, we’ve got your back. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge information that will help make purchasing decisions easy and understandable so all the hard work can go towards creating awesome projects with our favorite gear!

Core Values

We believe in the power of safety, and it’s what shapes everything we do. We place a high value on accountability because without a thorough investigation into tools used for installation there can be confusion down pat consequences which could lead to improper use or even injury
We’re committed to ensuring that each customer has all necessary information at their fingertips before they start cutting metal—from knowing how much pressure should feel when going through different materials with an earthing tool (or not!), specific types needed based on project needs, and more!

In a world where everyone is looking for respect and consideration, it’s refreshing to know that we still have people with the dignity of listening. We want you as our website visitor because your visit means something, but if there are things on this site that need correction or improvement—we’ll do everything possible within ourselves (and without any outside help) so long as YOU let us!