6 Essential POWER SAWS AND SAW TOOLS For Your Projects


For both minor and significant jobs, power saws are used. Some are light, making them perfect for mild applications, but they aren’t suitable for tasks involving hefty objects. Power saws are available in various sizes and power capacities, ensuring that you can always choose the correct one for your needs. In addition, newer power saws often have an infrared light that you can follow while cutting. It is a great way to make sure your cuts are perfectly straight.

Which Portable Electric Saw Is Right for You?

The Chainsaw is the most prevalent power saw, and it is used to cut down trees. If you need to prune your trees or cut them down for fuel, they’re ideal. However, chainsaws have the disadvantage of causing a lot of wood splintering because the cut is often jagged.

1. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw

12-Inch DEWALT (DCCS620B).

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Features: This cordless chainsaw has a 12-inch bar and chain with a low kickback for construction and outdoor cutting. The rechargeable chainsaw is tiny and lightweight, weighing only 9 pounds for optimal operator control. In addition, the battery-powered chainsaw’s high-efficiency brushless motor optimizes runtime and motor life.

Using a 20V MAX 5Ah battery, this power saw can make up to 90 cuts per charge on 4×4 pressure-treated wood. The tool-less chain tensioning and bar tightening controls ensure that the bar clamping force is correct. It’s worth noting that the battery and charger aren’t included in the chainsaw’s price.


This tiny saw is incredible and surprisingly powerful for its size. You can use the saw to cut down almost anything worth chopping down. For example, you can use it to cut pathways in the bush, and it should work flawlessly. If you’ve ever had a gas saw for work, you’ll know that some of them tend to leak oil if kept in the trunk of your truck.

When you drive with a gas chainsaw, it can stink up your truck and spill oil all over the place. But this is not the case with this portable DEWALT chainsaw. Instead, you’ll store this thing in your back seat since you have a cordless battery power saw. You can even use the charger in the truck to charge it as you travel! That way, you will spare yourself the stress of dealing with the oil spill in your trunk.

This chain saw gets a lot of use out of a single 5Ah battery, but you can get a spare if you plan on using it very often. Even though this saw is generally better suited to lesser tasks like trail clearing, you can also use it to buck up more giant trees! Overall, anyone interested in this chainsaw should consider buying it. The chainsaw will impress you. With a 5.0Ah battery, you’ll get plenty of cutting time, and it’ll be handy to have on the quad!

2. DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake

Circular saws are helpful for a wide range of home repair tasks. They’re pretty adaptable, so they’re a good choice if you don’t want to buy a bunch of saws you’ll only use once in a while. Circular saws have enough power to shave through tough wood. Make sure you get one with a lot of power and an easy-to-reach ON/OFF position if you need to switch it off quickly.

15-Amp Corded Saw (DWE575SB).

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Features: With only 8.8 pounds, the DEWALT 7 1/4 circular saw is one of the lightest saws in its class. After the trigger on the corded circular saw is released, an electric brake stops the blade. The tiny circular saw’s 15-amp motor provides enough power for even the most demanding jobs.

It has a 57-degree beveling capacity and 45-degree and 22.5-degree stops. A ball-bearing lower guard ensures long life under challenging conditions, with a depth of cut capacity of 2 9/16 inches. For precise cuts, this power saw boasts a sturdy high-grade aluminum smooth base.


It is a better package than the rest, and it is, in my opinion, superior to the competition. It features excellent power, accuracy, and longevity, as well as an electric brake. What a significant function on a portable power saw! A plastic blade cradle is included in the package, which can store 4-5 blades. The blades are held securely in the cradle by a spring clip retainer. As a result, keeping knives in the bag protects them from being injured by the saw or the bag.

The blade can be fixed at exactly 90 degrees using a square, thanks to an adjustable Allen set screw. Even though most circular saws offer this feature, Dewalt only mentions it in the user guide. After using the conventional lever-controlled bevel adjustment, the STOP restores the saw to exactly 90°. When you first obtain the saw, and anytime you replace a blade, you should fine-tune it.

The bag is considerably more excellent than you might think. It has a canvas-wrapped firm metal rim around the entire top that hinges open and close, and it is composed of robust materials for the handles and whatnot. To save wear and tear, it has long rubber feet on the bottom. On the outside, there are three pockets that you can use to store your tools.

3. DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw, 15-Amp

A Miter saw is a circular saw that is particularly useful for crosscutting. It’s used to cut at precise angles, lengths, and measurements. Unlike the miter saw, the Scrollsaw is ideal for fine precision work. Both of these tools are commonly used in woodworking.

Single Bevel, Compound (DWS715).

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Features: there are 14 positive stops on this stainless-steel miter detent plate or 12-inch miter saw blade. The miter saw has a machined base fence support and a precision miter system. A 5-1/2-inch base is supported vertically by a tall sliding fence on a DEWALT miter saw. It has a left bevel of 0 degrees-48 degrees and a right bevel of 0 degrees-3 degrees. At 90 degrees, this power saw can crosscut 2-inch x 8-inch dimensional lumber, and at 45 degrees, it can crosscut 2-inch x 6-inch dimensional timber.


This miter saw is nicely built and can survive a lot of use. It cuts cleanly and adjusts easily. They’re a little hefty and clunky, but what do you expect from a saw with a straight-cut capability of 2-inch x 8-inch? It’s a terrific saw that you can use for a variety of tasks. For its size, it is relatively quiet.

With this device, you’ll be able to cut a 4×4 in one slice without having to turn the piece over. It’s even better because of the handle positioning, the miter-angle adjustable release features, and so on. If you’re interested, I recommend acquiring this miter saw because it’s DEWALT, which means you’ll get a high-quality power tool.

Multi-Tool Saw

4. Saber Saw: (DEWALT 20V MAX XR Compact Reciprocating Saw)

Saber saws are another valuable type of power saw. It’s a powered reciprocating saw that can be handheld. Cutting paneling and other thin, flexible materials with a saber saw is easy. The toothed blade of the saber saw is used to cut through wood and other soft materials.

It’s also known as a jigsaw. You want one that is robust and comfortable to hold. The quality of the saber saw isn’t as crucial as the quality of the blades you use for the saw, but the quality of the knives you use for your saw will significantly impact your cuts.

5.0-Amp Hour, Cordless (DCS367P1).

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Features: The DEWALT 20V reciprocating saw provides up to 2.5 times the runtime of other reciprocating saws. The 14.5-inch length allows it to fit between studs and other tight spaces. It only weighs 5 lbs. in weight (without the battery). It has a 1-1/8-inch stroke length and a keyless 4-position blade clip for quick and easy blade replacements and cutting versatility. The brilliant LED light illuminates dark work areas, and the variable speed trigger offers up to 2,900 SPM.


You’ll adore this tiny power saw if this is your first journey into 20 volt Lithium battery-powered tools. However, even if you already owned this line, you will appreciate this saber saw because it is outstanding! It fits perfectly between studs and slices beautifully. There appears to be a little more vibration, but it goes nearly unnoticed depending on how you use the tool.

It is truly an incredible product that you can use for yard pruning; it has excellent power, a long battery life, and best of all, you may use this reciprocating saw without worry. It’s ideal for pruning massive trees and branches, and it’s compelling. In addition, it is well-balanced and small.

Blade replacement is a breeze. When changing the blade, it features a built-in safety function. It should be considered a loaded weapon when it has a knife on it, especially if you’re new to handling a reciprocating saw. This saber saw appeals to me since it provides a great deal of power and control.

The XR quality is tremendous while consuming very little battery life. The 5AH battery has such a long life that it may be used for a single day and still be nearly fully charged depending on how it is used. In addition, it comes with a fast charger that takes roughly 75 minutes to charge the device entirely. Finally, the tool bag is rugged and easy to unzip, so you can quickly get to your tool, charger, and batteries.


DEWALT DCS334P1 Jigsaw.

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Features: This cordless jigsaw’s brushless motor provides efficient performance and longer runtime. The jig saw’s compact size makes it easy to grip and manage. The jigsaw tool has a bright LED that helps light dimly lit work surfaces. Precision speed control is provided through a variable-speed trigger and dial.

T-shank blade changes are quick and straightforward with the all-metal, lever-action keyless blade changing. While cutting, a built-in dust blower helps clear the line of sight. Cut quality and speed are controlled by the orbital action’s four positions.


You’re going to love this thing. It performs admirably, and it is beautifully constructed and designed. On a single charge, the battery lasts a long time. It’s also Dewalt quality! Any woodworker or professional contractor should have this jigsaw. You can use it in wood and metal, as well as for other purposes.

This jigsaw has a lot of cutting power, and you’ll like the tool-free blade changing. The power saw features a valuable LED that illuminates your cutting path, and it appears the saw blows debris out of the way to see the cutting path. In addition, the 20-volt battery is exceptionally long-lasting. Because of the preceding, this product comes highly recommended to anyone looking for a quality jigsaw.

5. DEWALT DWE7485 Table Saw for Jobsite

Table saw is preferred for bigger jobs or long pieces of material, and it is used for more extensive operations. It comprises a table with the saw blade positioned in the middle, making it a fantastic approach to create a surface to rest the other end of the material.

8-1/4-Inch Compact Dewalt Table Saw.

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You will be genuinely impressed with the quality and features of the DEWALT DWE7485 Table Saw. The rack pinion adjustment for the fence, the side handle, tools, the spring-loaded kickback mount makes it an all-rounder. In addition, this tool is relatively easy to carry.

6. DEWALT 5-Inch Portable Band Saw

A Band saw is preferred for making certain kinds of cuts. For example, when you need to cut something in the middle or away from the edge of a piece of material, a band saw is the best solution. The band saw has a small table with a narrow blade that descends from the top. Pull the top section of the band saw down and clamp your material in place to line up with the bland. It works well for removing wall plugs and doorknobs.

Corded 10 Amp Dewalt – DWM120K.

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Features: The metal band saw’s top 10 amp motor is built with controlled power to resist any job site use. This portable band saw has the industry’s best 5-inch deep cut capacity for round or rectangular stock. The DEWALT band saw’s durable steel shroud and rubber bumpers allow guards to resist job site abuse without being damaged. In a dark job site situation, the LED sight light allows the user to view cut lines.

The saw may be hung using an inbuilt hang hook without damaging the front handle or castings. You can adjust the speed for specific materials and applications using the variable speed dial (100-350 SPM). The big multi-position adjustable front handle provides more hand space for a more precise cut.


Because you may use it to chop up all kinds of metal for sample projects, this band saw is likely to become one of your most used and appreciated power saws. The band saw will cut through mild steel, tool steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze, and other metals quickly and smoothly. It’s much safer than grinders and other cutoff tools and is faster and free of dust and sparks. Your shop is kept tidy because thing cuts smoothly!

The blade outlasts the cutoff wheels by a long shot. This band saw is, once again, much faster, cleaner, and cooler. It can also relieve a lot of the strain on any other cutters you have. You’ll be glad you acquired this machine if you work with metal.

It’s one-of-a-kind because of the built-in safety features. So, unlike a grinder, when you use this band saw, you won’t burn your fingers or send a piece of tiny projectile metal flying across the shop! But make sure you’re wearing your PPE and have fun with this fantastic piece of equipment!

There are also a few tiny power saws. When it’s required to cut across the grain, the crosscut saw comes in handy. A rip saw is similar to a circular saw in operation. However, it is much smaller. In paneling and drywall, a keyhole saw is used to make curved cuts or circular holes. Wood, nails, metal lath, composition board, BX cable, conduit, and more may all be readily cut with the keyhole saw linked here!

Final Thoughts on Power Saws

The majority of power saws are pretty long-lasting and sturdy. However, you must keep them in a location where the blade will not provide a safety hazard. If you don’t have a cordless saw, make sure you unplug your cord saw after each usage. It is critical to safeguard the blade since it lasts longer. If you don’t clean them after each usage, they’ll rust. Never use a saw with a bent or rusted blade. It has the potential to be a safety hazard.

Saws are potent tools. When using power saws, you should always wear safety glasses. For your safety, you should also utilize any guards that came with the saw. Make sure you completely grasp how to use the saw you’re using. Take some time to research which saw would be best for your project. Some saws are pretty versatile and may be used for a variety of tasks.

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