Best Make POWER SCREWDRIVERS You Will Read This Year (in 2021)


Screwdrivers come in various shapes and sizes, but the vast majority of people prefer power screwdrivers. The regular screwdriver can be called a multipurpose handtool, but it’s not as effective at getting the job done as the power screwdriver. Have you ever had to deal with a stubborn screw that wouldn’t go in the way you wanted it to? How about one that you couldn’t get out of? It can be both annoying and time-consuming at the same time.

You may probably end up damaging the workpiece if you insist on driving the screw into it. It’s essential to use the right tools in the right way for the job. For these problems, power screwdrivers are your best option. Compared to traditional screwdrivers, they are efficient and cost-effective for getting the work done neater and in less time.

When it comes to doing your household chores, I doubt you’ll need a power screwdriver. Well, it all depends on what you want to achieve. Basic household projects call for traditional screwdrivers. They aren’t compelling, but they are more than capable of getting the job done. Instead, consider using a drywall screwdriver for heavy-duty jobs. Various speeds are available on some models.

Cordless Drywall Power Screwdrivers

You can’t go wrong with a cordless drywall power screwdriver. There are various models from which to pick. Some are designed to look like a standard screwdriver. Others are in the shape of a number seven, with a handle to help you guide the screws in. Others have a pivoting handle that allows you to get into about any angle you can think of.

Drywall power screwdrivers are easy to find online, but be sure you choose the right size for your needs. You may want to consider this Makita Compact Brushless Cordless 4,000 Rpm Drywall Screwdriver Kit.

1. Makita 18V Cordless Brushless Power Screwdriver

Makita XSF03RX2 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Compact Drywall Kit (2.0Ah).

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Features: Push drive technology — in lock-on mode, the motor only begins when the fastener engages, resulting in increased run-time and reduced motor noise. The BL motor has a speed range of 0 – 4000 RPM, making it suitable for a wide range of drywall and framing applications.

The BL Brushless motor does away with carbon brushes, allowing it to run cooler and more efficiently, resulting in longer life. In addition, the collated Auto-Feed screw MAGAZINE is excellent for production drywall hanging with an easy and reliable Auto-Feed feature.


The Makita power tool platform is excellent, and this power screwdriver is also a fantastic tool. It has a long run time. However, you should conduct due research before purchasing any power screwdrivers. Choose a power screwdriver that feels comfortable in your hand. Some power screwdriver handles have a rough texture, while others have a smooth foam grip. Hold the power screwdriver in your hand for a few minutes and see how it feels.

If you plan on using it for an extended period, comfort is crucial. It is important because it won’t be nice to be using a tool that is inconvenient for a long time. Any device that makes you feel uncomfortable is a no-go. To lessen the chances of an accident occurring, do not use it.

You don’t want to end up with blisters or damaged hands. So, make sure that you’re buying and using a power screwdriver that is hundred percent OK for you. However, I have faith in the Makita shown above, and it has mainly garnered positive feedback from reviewers.

Choosing A Power Screwdriver

There are so many good brands that you can choose from. The majority of them are acceptable, but it is up to you to determine which product feels best in your palm. When it comes to choosing a power screwdriver, I prefer performance over everything else.

Power screwdrivers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. Some are good at completing specific jobs, while others are multifunctional tools. In addition, power screwdrivers have different torque and speed capabilities. Therefore, before deciding on the power screwdriver you want to buy, you should determine its conformance, power, and speed information, amongst other features that interest you.

Take some time to review the user manual for each power screwdriver. Then, when you think about the jobs you’ll be doing with the device, the information in the user guide will help you determine which power screwdriver is the appropriate tool for the job.

Power Screwdrivers

Cordless Drill and Screwdriver

One thing that comes to mind when considering which power screwdriver to buy in this era of cordless power tools triumphing over their corded counterparts, especially among the majority of Do-It-Yourself home users, is the battery.

The performance of cordless power tool batteries is critical for industrial workers using the tool for extended periods. Strength is also vital in this situation. It will be inconvenient to use a device with a low power rating for industrial tasks.

Our drywall screwdriver recommendations are fantastic! If you use the battery for home projects, you shouldn’t have any issues with it. However, you may want to upgrade the battery because of your working commercial drywall, but it is still fantastic. DEWALT’s preferred drywall, as illustrated below, never fails or overheats.

Keeping your power screwdriver well charged is a good idea. It will provide you with the most satisfactory possible outcomes. You’ll need to replace the battery if it doesn’t keep a charge for an extended period. Some persons choose to buy a second battery separately, so they may charge one while using the power screwdriver.

If you are using the power screwdriver frequently, you should buy a spare battery so that the tool doesn’t go off when you need it the most. However, if you intend to use the device heavily, I highly recommend buying a backup battery. Here’s another powerful cordless screwdriver with rave reviews that you might want to consider.

2. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Drywall Screw Gun

DEWALT Drywall (DCF620B), Tool Only.

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Features: With up to 4,400 RPM, the cordless Dewalt drywall screw gun outperforms the Dewalt drywall corded screw gun. The DEWALT drywall screw gun’s brushless motor is designed for maximum performance and runtime.

The drywall gun’s nosecone locks in place securely and may be quickly withdrawn while maintaining consistent screw depth. In addition, the DEWALT DCF6201 Collated Magazine Attachment is compatible with this item. With the LED, you can light up dark work locations and improve visibility.


This Dewalt drywall screwdriver has the best ergonomics and feel, and it feels more robust than the Dewalt cordless screwdrivers. It’s pretty light, and it easily screws in a standard 1 1/4″ drywall screw. The drywall power screwdriver can easily last a year of everyday use without breaking down.

The Dewalt drywall screwdriver is tough as nails. It can sustain heavy use, even if you drop it frequently and don’t clean it! Then, the next time you pick it up, it will still work. You won’t even bother to try to fix it because of its toughness.

It is also inexpensive to replace them. This drywall screw gun appears to be underpriced, but it is well worth the money. If you do any drywall work, consider this tool an excellent addition to your Dewalt collection because it is a huge time saver.

I’m not sure how long you’ll be using your power screwdriver. However, I’ll assume you intend to use it for a long time, so make plans for a spare battery. You’ll enjoy using this cordless power screwdriver for convenience.

Consider acquiring a power screwdriver kit if you plan to use your power screwdriver frequently. Get it packaged in a rugged carrying case so that it will last for you.

3. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Collated Magazine Accessory

DEWALT DCF6201 Drywall Screw Gun.

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Features: This drywall screw gun has a 1-inch-2-inch capacity and a tool-free screw length adjustment button. For occasional blow-out or cleaning, the DEWALT drywall screw gun incorporates a disassembly release button.

Screw length detent marks and a screw drive depth gauge are included on the drywall gun. A collated screw strip guide and magazine attachment release pushbutton are also included.


This drywall screw gun comes in handy when hanging drywall on the ceiling or in other situations where a one-handed operation is required. When installing screws in tight locations, you can remove the attachment. It becomes a handy tool that you will frequently use after you get the hang of it and accept the limits.

4. DEWALT 6.3-Amp Corded Drywall Screw Gun

DEWALT Drywall Screw Gun (DW272).

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Features: Metal gear housing on drywall screw guns ensures job site durability and reliability. For constant fastener depth, the DEWALT drywall screw gun incorporates a depth-sensitive, set-and-forget nosepiece. For added comfort and convenience of usage, the drywall gun contains a two-finger trigger.

Gears are made of helical-cut steel and are heat-treated for extended life and durability. This thing is lightweight and ergonomically sound. The metal gear housing allows for more excellent durability and reliability on the job site. For consistent fastener depth, use a depth-sensitive, set-and-forget nosepiece.


This drywall screwdriver makes the job go much faster. You can drive screws with this corded drywall screw gun or a cordless drill with a bit, much like you would with a hammer and drywall nails. However, it takes a little practice to get the hang of it since if you don’t drive the in screw straight, it won’t seat properly, and you’ll have to back it out and try again.

Suppose you need to screw in the drywall, do not use a regular drill with one of those drywall bits. Instead, what you need for the job is this corded drywall screw gun. You’ll wonder why you ever used anything else to screw in drywall screws once you’ve tried it. First and foremost, before using this tool, you should remember to calibrate the depth gauge.

Also, before starting work, you’d practice driving a few screws in a piece of drywall to get the hang of it and adjust the depth setting for your job. So that you don’t hit it with a taping knife, the screw should be just below the paper’s surface. You will adjust the depth a little lower if the blade clicks on the screw when you go over it.

You might want to consult the user manual that came with the tool for further instructions on how to set up the drywall screwdriver properly for the time.

5. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Drywall Screw Gun & Cut-out Tool Combo Kit

DEWALT DCK263D2 20V Screw Gun.

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Features: With a 4,400 rpm brushless motor, this drywall screw gun delivers corded performance without a cord! The DEWALT drywall screw gun features DEWALT-built engines that provide maximum run-time.

The DEWALT corded screw gun is balanced and ergonomically comparable to the drywall gun. The cut-out tool has a dust-sealed switch that protects the tool’s life and runs at 26,000 RPM. Both devices have bright LEDs for improved visibility.


If you’ve spent your entire drywall career with corded tools, it’s easy to be wary about this equipment! This cordless drywall, on the other hand, is fantastic. The batteries are also excellent. This screw gun will take some getting used to if you’re used to a corded screw gun.

I’d suggest obtaining a bigger battery for the zip cutter tool because this device consumes a lot of power. However, you can overcome the power consumption challenge with a 5 Amp battery. Then, when one battery needs to be charged, you’ll always have a spare on hand.

Get this device if you don’t want to deal with a tangled mess of cords on the job! The dependability will be a massive plus for you! Also, it’s usually better to spend less time on a ladder during construction. It’s for this reason that a cordless tool is ideal for working at height. The cutout tool is also quite helpful.

6. DEWALT DW2125 #2 Phillips Drywall Bit Tip

25-Pack Drywall Bit Tip, Silver metallic.

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Features: A 25PK #2 Dry Bit Tip is supplied. It’s simple to use. China is where the bits are manufactured. This kit features tool steel that is resistant to shock. And it is designed with a snub nose via a process of advanced hardening for maximum longevity.


These bits perform admirably! There are no better tips for setting hardware with a regular Phillips head than these. They’re smaller and more comfortable to sit in than a standard #2. These don’t break like the black Milwaukee bits even after sinking a 3″ screw with an impact driver.

Buying a Power Screwdriver: Buyer’s Guide

The power screwdriver is located within, along with a slot for each component. You will frequently be given a variety of tip sizes to use. A power cord will also be included. And a spare battery and a charger are included in some power screwdriver sets.

You can buy a power screwdriver kit for a lot less money than if you bought the accessories separately. So go ahead and buy a power screwdriver set; it will help you perform better.

A disclaimer follows: some companies will not offer some of the attachments mentioned above, but it’s a good thing if they do. The Dewalt drywall screwdriver mentioned earlier and the Makita brand are beautiful tools to consider, mainly because they come with a bag, spare battery, and other accessories.

Safety Tips

Personal Protective Equipment – PPE – is another vital piece of information to consider when buying a power screwdriver. Make sure you include eye safety glasses and a pair of impact-resistant hand gloves in your order.

When you have the power screwdriver in your palms, the hand glove should make you feel comfortable. Not necessarily the heavy-duty impact-resistant gloves, but the lightweight impact-resistant glove will suffice for the job.

Accidents with a power screwdriver are rare, but they do happen. Keep in mind the driving force when using a power screwdriver. Also, both of your hands should be kept clear of the rotating area. If you aren’t careful, the spinning blade can cut your hand.

It’s also a good idea to use eye protection. Keep in mind that you are solely responsible for your safety. ALWAYS maintain awareness of the work environment around you when doing work with a power tool!

Final Thoughts

Power screwdrivers have already been discussed in terms of their usefulness. They appeal to users because they give the finished product a seamless feel! However, there is one thing you must keep in mind. Before you begin driving your power screwdriver into the material, inspect your work area for anything that could jeopardize your work’s safety.

Power screwdrivers can pierce almost any material. So, it’s critical to double-check that there are no electrical cords or wires behind the area where you’re working. Maintain a hairstyle that is pulled back from your face. When you lean forward to check your progress, loose hair can be stuck and twisted.

I know you understand what that means. But if you don’t, be aware that loose hair could lead to accidents if entangled by your power tool. When using any power tool, safety is paramount, and power screwdrivers are no exception.

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