Bosch power tool accessories are ideal for the aspiring woodworker, the self-employed general contractor, and anyone who can’t seem to stop themselves from renovating their home! Their tools are noted for a touch of excellence, durability, and price.

Bosch power tool accessories are in high demand since they have a long lifespan and can take more damage like DeWalt. Their never-changing power tool accessories will make your device work better.

If you plan to use your tools daily, I recommend Bosch, which, like Dewalt, has some of the best parts for its products. Furthermore, you can rest assured that Bosch power tool accessories will get it back up and running if your equipment ever needs maintenance.

Check out our collection of 6 Bosch power tool accessories to get started with your device! Even if you’re a professional tool user who needs a tool that can take all your abuse with a grunt and a smile, these Bosch power tool accessories will serve you well!

1. BOSCH Wood Bandsaw Blade

BS80-6W 80-Inch by 1/4-Inch by 6TPI.

First and foremost, this item is simple to use and of excellent quality. The BOSCH Bandsaw Blade is great for a variety of woodworking projects. For long life, the superior materials resist heat accumulation. It has a tooth geometry tuned for maximum performance, and the lengths fit most typical bandsaw sizes. In addition, this accessory is constructed of high-quality steel!

2. Bosch Tile bit

A tile bit is made specifically for working with ceramic or glass. It would help if you only used a tile bit at a plodding speed. To loosen or tighten the chuck, use a chuck key. A chuck key is usually included with your drill when you buy it. If necessary, you can purchase a replacement.

BOSCH GT2000 Carbide Tipped Glass, Ceramic and Tile Drill Bit Set (4-Piece).

Consider using this bit if you’ve never drilled glass or tile before. I can vouch for the quality of these particular bits because they work flawlessly! Even if it’s your first time, I’m confident you’ll find it helpful and will eventually rate it five stars. After that, you should have no trouble using this accessory.

If you’ve never drilled before, put safety first, especially when working with glass. Always wear eye protection and drill slowly into the component while submerged in water. The water keeps the bit cool, yet it cuts so readily that you might wonder if it’s essential.

These cutting bits are of excellent quality, and they performed admirably in my project. It drilled the holes in just a few seconds, each using the 1/4 inch bit and medium speed.

3. BOSCH Masonry Trade Bit Set

6 Piece SDS-plus Masonry Trade Bit Set, Chisels, and Carbide, HCST006.

Bosch’s improved flute design decreases bit stress while drilling, keeps the bit cool, and enables quick dust collection. In addition, it has a diamond ground carbide tip, is more rigid, more resistant, and more robust under severe loads.

In materials like tile and hard stone, this drill bit set enables precise cutting, and the optimal hole geometry of the centric tip results in rounder holes. These pieces have a long life due to improved brazing and a specific hardening procedure. The heavy-duty head is perfect for applications that require a lot of force.

5 (32 inches x 4 inches x 6 inches), 3 (16 inches x 4 inches x 6 inches), 1 (4 inches x 2 inches x 4 inches), 3 (8 inches x 4 inches x 6 inches), flat chisel, and point chisel are all included in the bit set. In addition, the Bosch Brute Tough storage container is included for convenient access, organization, and transportation.

This entire set is perfect for use with an SDS-plus rotary hammer, such as the Bosch 18V SDS plus rotary hammer. It has enough bits to tackle most of the applications you’ll need it for.

You can also use this tool in conjunction with the DEWALT D25263K D-Handle SDS Rotary Hammer with Shocks to cut a hole in a thick concrete foundation for an attachment such as a tub drain. This device has complete control over the concrete’s decomposition. As a result, it cuts quickly and cleanly.

4. BOSCH Planer Blades

bosch-pa1202- planer-blades-woodrazor-tungsten-carbide
PA1202 Pair of Woodrazor Tungsten Carbide.

The most robust and most brutal planer blade available. It can last up to 30% longer than traditional tungsten carbide blades. It has a 10% sharper edge than standard carbide blades. Reversible and double-edged. Tungsten carbide is used to make this item.

The blades are simple to install and have a razor-sharp edge. They’re tiny but strong, so don’t worry about them breaking. After a few hours of using it, you’ll notice that it is still reusable! It lasts so long.

These are razor-sharp and will fit perfectly into your tools!! Yes, they cost a little extra per pair, but they are long-lasting. It is a brand that I highly recommend.

5. BOSCH Power Hand Saw Blade 7-7/8 Inch (FS200ABU)

640VS Power Handsaw Blades. FineCut High-Alloy Steel with a Flush Cut of 20 TPI.

It works well with both thick and thin materials. It has high-alloy steel (HAS) blades with hardened grind teeth. For cutting wood and PVC, it has a fine-tooth design. These are excellent Bosch blades that you should have in your toolbox. If you stay away from hidden nails, this blade will last you a long time.

You can use these blades for various tasks, including undercutting door jambs before installing tile or wood flooring. Because the blades are tiny, they are excellent cutting tools for different tasks, such as getting into tight spaces. Ensure you provide enough room for the underlayment and thin-set material when installing tile.

6. BOSCH Router Bit 23/32 In. X 3/4 In. (84602MC)

Carbide-Tipped Plywood Mortising Router Bit.

The micro-grain carbide-tip router bit design of this BOSCH component ensures consistently smooth final cuts with outstanding wear resistance. Tight-fitting plywood-mortise joints are made with undersized cut diameters that correspond to the thickness of regular plywood.

For standard-size plywood, this tool generates a cutting diameter that matches the thickness of 3/4 in. The reinforced shanks are thoroughly hardened and tempered steel for maximum durability. It also boasts a micro-grain carbide improvement designed for precise cuts and longer bit life.

This tool performs as expected, and all of these features make it an excellent product that cuts smoothly, and the bit is perfect.

We hope that you’ll find this list helpful. Although it is not an exhaustive outline of Bosch power tool accessories, it will give you an idea of what you can expect. You can use any of these unique everyday items to improve or extend the life of your Bosch power tools.

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