DEWALT HAMMER DRILL (DCK274L): This Is What Professionals Use


If you have a lot of those finicky screws in your home improvement projects or if you want the speed of a battery-powered screwdriver, then this is the drill for you. This 18-Volt Cordless DEWALT Hammer Drill/Impact Driver Combo DCK274L Kit is perfect for hammering in those hard screws.

Both of these units are top-of-the-line items in terms of both dependability and performance. They are trouble-free and perform well until they need to be recharged.

The technology significantly improves the preceding XLP series’ battery and charging technology, and the drill and impact can withstand many misuses. We do not encourage abusing your tool, but it does hold its own in difficult situations. It’s a long-lasting tool.

If you asked me if I’d repurchase this unit, I’d say yes. It’d be a no-brainer. Yes! It’s certainly worth the extra money, and the improved battery life alone will pay for it.

Specifications for DCK274L DEWALT HAMMER DRILL/Impact Driver Combo

This kit comes with an 18-Volt 350-Watt half-inch compact hammer drill, an 18-Volt impact driver with 1330-Inch pounds of torque at up to 2,400 revolutions per minute, two XRP Lithium-Ion extended run-time batteries, a charger, and a carrying bag.

These drills are not heavy, so fitting them into tight spaces is a breeze, and they are easy to hold for extended periods.

Overall Experience for DEWALT DCK274L Tool Kit

Overall, this is a great kit to have around the house. Sometimes you have screws that come loose, or they hit things in the drywall, and you can’t screw them in normally, so you need a little extra power. This kit delivers that, helping you with any easy construction project you might have.


The compact hammer drill has two settings: One for speed and one for comfort. The first setting gives you about 0-1,700 bpm and the second setting ramps up to about 29,000 bpm.

The Impact drill is a great little tool to have in your repertoire as it provides greater torque than just a screwdriver for those nasty screws you may come across that are too tight or too loose.

DEWALT Hammer Drill/Impact Driver Combo DCK274L is a fantastic combination kit.

The impact and hammer drill is a great powerhouse. Most customers got this mainly for the batteries.

The hammer drill with the DC9180 XRP battery weighs the same as the earlier Dewalt DC925KA hammer drill without the battery and appears to have comparable power.

You can use both of these tools to mount cabinets in the garage. Both devices are compelling and lightweight when used over the head.

The hammer drill can slice right through the concrete block, and the impact quickly drove 2.5″ tap cons.

You will receive two batteries when you purchase this DeWalt DCK274L hammer drill/impact driver combo kit, and they will fit older DeWalt tools.

They’re somewhat smaller than the original versions, but they snap in the same way. You will also receive a tool bag, charger, and the two tools displayed. The batteries fit snugly in the new tools.

The impact driver accepts standard impact bits and attachments. There’s also an impact setting and a clutch on the drill.

The tools are small and light, making them easy to move into those tight spaces. And the impact driver is ergonomically designed with a textured anti-slip comfort grip. It also contains replaceable brushes for excellent serviceability.

The Verdict

This DEWALT Hammer Drill DCK274L is an excellent drill to have at home. It’s small, light, and easy to use. The drill is powerful. While not performing like a corded impact driver, the impact driver still delivers excellent power and results.

The batteries last quite a while because they are Lithium-Ion batteries, which hold a charge exceptionally well and charge in about an hour. In addition, it includes two so you can have one charging while you use the other one.

If you have other DEWALT products, these batteries are easily changeable with them (and will work better since they are Lithium-Ion batteries).

It easily compares to its Makita brother, the Makita LXDT01Zand includes an impact drill. It is a little more expensive but well worth the money.

DEWALT Hammer Drill DCK274L is one of the best hammer drills and impact drills on the market today. You will not be disappointed with these drills in your bag.

The drill has a lot of power and can go quite fast on setting 2, but it’s still manageable on setting 1. It has a lot of energy and the usual Dewalt quality and toughness.

The batteries are lovely and light, and they last a long time. On a single charge, it’s easy to complete a large project, and if not, the second battery is accessible and recharges quickly.

It’s not lightning-fast, but it’s about what you’d anticipate. Overall, excellent drills are of excellent quality. The box they come in is really cool, too: sturdy and straightforward. It also includes space for drill bits and other supplies.

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