Delta Power Tools: A Great Investment

Delta power toolsDelta power tools are a great investment. You will get power tools that are long-lasting and very powerful. You will also get them at a reasonable price. Delta has been making power tools for 86 years, establishing itself as a long lasting manufacturer of quality power tools. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of their power tools or their customer service.

The founder of Delta power tools, Herbert Touts, started his small business in 1919. In 1923 he was credited with creating the very first scroll saw. This invention paved the way for Delta and their line of power tools as we know them today. He is also credited for being a driving force behind the power tool industry as a whole.

In addition to the basic power tools we all know including saws, drills, power screwdrivers, routers, sanders, and hailers; Delta has two specialty lines of power tools.
The Delta Industrial line offers heavy-duty power tools for industry and businesses. The Delta Shop Master line offers a full line of woodworking power tools. Delta is the world’s leader in top-selling woodworking power tools.

Delta Shopmaster Power Tools

Also, Delta Power Tools has its own line of accessories for all of its power tools. These are great options that help you get the most versatility from your Delta power tools. You can find the entire line of more than 200 Delta power tool accessories on their website or at your Delta power tool retailer. These accessories give you the power to complete thousands of projects with each Delta power tool.

Delta power toolsConsumers of all backgrounds including business, industry, those who use Delta power tools for home projects, and those who use them for hobbies have raved for years about the quality of Delta power tools. This lead to them being awarded numerous recognitions from home improvement magazines and others for their dedication to quality products that are reliable and affordable.

Today, Delta remains dedicated to providing selection, quality, and reliability in all of its power tools. They strive to offer excellent customer service, both at the retail stores that carry their products and when you contact their customer service via phone or email.
Every Delta power tool comes with a full two-year warranty. They guarantee fast repairs on your Delta power tools. If it can’t be repaired it will be replaced.

Delta Power Tool Replacement Parts

It can be frustrating finding the right replacement part you need for a particular power tool. Delta power tools have a simple system for this process. You simply go online and select the power tool model you have under each type of power tool. There’s a complete listing for every part as well as the part number. You can order Delta power tool parts from any retailer that offers Delta power tools or you can choose to order them online.

Delta takes safety while using power tools very seriously. They strive to make each power tool they sell as safe as possible. They also offer complete safety information on the owner’s manual and their website. You will get a list of the recommended safety equipment to use while operating that particular power tool as well as excellent safety tips. While power tools are very effective, they do pose a danger that we all need to protect ourselves against.

Delta Power Tools for Sale

Delta power tools are available for sale all around the world. You can purchase them online, and at various retailers. You can also go to their website to find the nearest Delta power tool retailer in your area.

Purchasing Delta power tools are a great investment that you will be glad you made. Each power tool is comfortable to use and offers excellent safety features. They are lightweight but very durable. Whatever Delta power tools you have, you’ll find them suitable for several applications thanks to their innovative designs and a wide range of accessories.


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