DEWALT D25501K 1-9/16-Inch SDS Max Combination

dewalt d25501k

The DEWALT D25501K 1-9/16-Inch SDS Max Combination Hammer Kit is the perfect tool for any commercial concrete project. This drill is mostly used to break up concrete or any other hard surface you may encounter.


This hammer drill includes a 12-amp motor with high performance and overload protection. It clocks in at about 490-3300 bpm. It has a two-handed grip for power and stability and a carrying case. This drill kit does not contain any bits. It’s also one of the lighter hammer drills, at only 17 pounds.

Overall Experience

Overall, this hammer is excellent for breaking up concrete. It has an impact energy of 8.0 lbs, allowing you to operate quickly and effectively on any worksite. It includes a Trigger Lock-On capability for chipping, which makes chipping the sides of concrete more precise. This would primarily be utilized for commercial concrete work that isn’t too difficult.

dewalt d25501k

The Verdict

Any contractor’s toolkit should include this. Although the kit is relatively basic and missing a handful of items, it is a simple tool for breaking up concrete. It lacks a depth rod, reverse capability, and variable speed.

The depth rod is used to indicate how deep the drill is going, which can be inconvenient if you don’t have one, so I recommend purchasing one in addition to this drill. Because it has no reverse capability, you’ll have to pull it out if it becomes jammed or unstable.

That being said, the drill does have a clutch, which combats the jamming that you may come across. Variable speed is used to make breaking the concrete easier, and this drill does not come with it. It’s a simple drill, but if you need something done quickly, it’ll do it for you.

Although the drill does not come with bits, it takes the standard SDS-Max bits used in most drills on the market. It is easily comparable to the Milwaukee Hammer Kit or the Makita brand, delivering high performance for a decent price.

DEWALT makes durable, great products so if you are looking for a simple drill to get you started then this is definitely the one – the DEWALT D25501K. If the vibration and drill bother you, go for the next model, which has more stability.

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