Best 5 Powerful Dewalt Reciprocating Saw/Compact Drill Review

dewalt-dcs380b-20v-max-saw-tool-onlyDo you require a reciprocating saw for home improvement projects, or do you work with an 18V Dewalt saw and wish to expand your Dewalt 20V collection? If that’s the case, this Dewalt DCS380B is precisely what you’re looking for.

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw, Tool Only (DCS380B)

The four-position blade holder, which allows for even more flush cuts and a bit more adjustability out of the shoe, is the most significant practical difference between this saw and the 18V reciprocating saw, aside from the 18V to a 20V voltage differential.

With this Dewalt reciprocating saw, you can effortlessly prune trees, cut all types of dimensional lumber, bolts and angle iron, flat aluminum stock, and even Telespar, the square sign post with all the holes.

The cut stroke on this saw is smoother than the 18V saw. This cordless reciprocating saw may work for a long time if a suitable size battery powers it.

If you use a 1.5Ah 20V battery, don’t expect it to last long, as it will only endure a few hundred cuts at most. The tool’s performance is improved with the addition of a 4.0Ah battery. Depending on how often you use it, you can run this tool for up to a week without worrying about the battery.

The 4.0Ah battery also helps to balance the saw’s weight. Please keep in mind that this is an essential tool. There are no batteries, chargers, or blades included; just a fantastic saw that accepts your existing 20V batteries.

Dewalt DCS380B Reciprocating Saw Specification

The DEWALT 20V reciprocating saw’s 4-position blade clamp enables flush cutting and enhanced positioning adaptability with tool-free blade swaps.

Cutting speed is quick, thanks to a 1-1/8-inch stroke length. In addition, the variable speed trigger provides increased blade control and high cutting speed, ranging from 0 to 3000 SPM.

The blade life is extended with a rotating adjustable shoe, which also provides for depth-of-cut control.

The rubber over-molded comfort grip provides comfort and control. The double-oil-sealed shaft also protects against contamination and extends the life of the product.

Dewalt DCS380B Performance

You, like most purchasers, may be hesitant to purchase a battery-operated saw because you feel it will not be powerful enough to complete the task or will not stay charged long enough to be effective. However, you’re mistaken since this gadget will wow you!

You will like this device because it performs admirably and even cuts better when powered by the appropriate battery size. Perhaps this reciprocating saw will become your most favorite and handy tool buy to date.

A cordless saw is ideal for cutting difficult things in a confined space. You won’t have to worry about running a cable out and around you because of this. That’s where this Dewalt cordless reciprocating saw comes in handy.

This saw is said to work well with a 2.0Amp battery. According to reports, this saw lasts long enough for the tiny batteries to be an issue. However, if you plan on using it frequently, we recommend investing in a larger battery.

The saw can chop through 4×4 fence posts, fallen tree branches, and old furniture with ease. Compared to most 20V brushless drivers’ power tools, you will be blown away by how well it performs.

This reciprocating saw is unquestionably a superior investment. In addition, you’ll appreciate how this Dewalt reciprocating saw allows you to adjust the cutting speed based on how hard you pull the trigger.

We would recommend this to anyone looking for a cordless saw, and we believe you should repurchase it if the need arises.

Dewalt DCS380B Battery Performance

The following are the battery statistics:

  1. If your battery has only one bar, it will most likely not work.
  2. The 3-amp-hour batteries are only good for roughly 10 minutes of cutting time. That is the upper limit; it could be lower.
  3. It is not a wise investment if you have 1.5 amp hour batteries. You’d have about 5 minutes of cut time.

The expectation is that you will buy high-quality batteries that are appropriate for your needs. However, if you plan on using your cordless tool frequently, you might want to consider investing in an extra charger as well.

In conclusion, this is a fantastic tool, but make sure you have quality batteries.

Judging by the preceding, you will agree that this is a fantastic tool that you will like using. It’s just the right size to get around. Furthermore, it is an incredible piece of equipment that runs on standard Dewalt 18V batteries.

If you’ve never used one before, the blades are standard across most brands, and this tiny monster eats through wood and plastic with vigor, and its compact length makes it highly adaptable.

The light that illuminates the cutting area is meticulously created, making even the most demanding cuts much easier to complete. It’s fantastic! The best piece of equipment you can have as a cutting saw, this is well-made.

Excellent quality and performance with a lot of power make this ideal for any serious project, personal or commercial use.

It keeps going when you start but don’t forget to bring some extra batteries if you do not have a bigger battery installed and assume you plan to run the saw for a long time.

As these tools do, it gets hot; we recommend taking some breaks when running your cordless reciprocating saw to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. But, for the money, this is a fantastic small saw!

2. DEWALT Corded Reciprocating Saw, 12-Amp (DWE305)

dewalt-corded-reciprocating-saw-dwe305This Dewalt reciprocating saw is quite durable and well-made. It’s the perfect saw for a homeowner or handyman.

The saw is powerful and performs admirably. Pick one up for yourself and use it to make your life easier.

It’s a pleasant reciprocating saw because you can change the blades so quickly and easily. It’s also quite convenient to be able to aim the blades in four different directions.

Because it’s a 12 amp saw, it can function at high speed for an extended period without overheating. When used to cut workpieces apart, it breaks them asunder quickly and without hesitation.

You can quickly cut down dead abrasive shrubs with this Dewalt reciprocating saw. The Dewalt reciprocating saw shouldn’t have any issues with this.

Nonetheless, you can use it to cut more robust materials, and it will perform admirably. If used properly, this reciprocating saw can cut just about anything around the house.

Have you ever had a unit in your house that kept breaking down for the tenth time, wouldn’t fit through any doors or windows, and weighed about 800 pounds?

If you’ve successfully isolated the defective unit from the mains or power source, you may cut it into pieces using this Dewalt reciprocating saw for convenient disposal. If it’s a steel unit, you can use this saw to split it in half. It’ll be as smooth as butter!

Are you aware that employing a demo blade doesn’t slow down the process? Instead, you will be blown away by how solid and durable this saw is.

DEWALT DWE305 Reciprocating Saw Specification

The 12 amp motor of the Dewalt corded reciprocating saw is suited for heavy-duty applications.

The blade clamp’s four positions enable flush cutting and enhanced adjustability. In addition, it offers a keyless function and a lever-action blade clip for rapid blade changes.

Fast and efficient cutting is possible thanks to the 0-2,900 SPM and 1-1/8-inch stroke length. In addition, the variable speed trigger allows the user to control the speed of the reciprocating saw in real-time.

Corded vs. Cordless Reciprocating Saw Battery Performance

Many people believe that corded tools, such as this reciprocating saw, have more power than cordless tools. While some users say that the simplicity of a cordless tool makes it unique, others disagree.

If you wish to replace a battery-operated model, the Dewalt DWE305 12 Amp Corded Reciprocating Saw is a good choice.

For some people, batteries are simply a horrible idea for power tools unless they require them to be used in a position where an extension cord would be impossible to get to.

They think cordless tools act like flashlights rather than working full power because the battery eventually dies on them as their phone does. So at first, it’s compelling, then it gradually fades.

Another argument is that rechargeable batteries deteriorate after numerous charging cycles, which some consumers may not know.

It’s a well-known truth that after a few hundred charges, the battery is only half-charged. As a result, it functions as a half-dead tool at best.

You don’t even need to charge it that often because it does the same thing over time regardless of what you do.

When you’re on a cord, you always get full power from your tool. For a device like the Dewalt DWE305 reciprocating saw, this is a top priority.

A flashlight isn’t a reciprocating saw. Half-dead isn’t going to cut it if you’re cutting through tree limbs, metal, or concrete, right? As a result, go with the cord. For this reason, the proponents of corded power tools believe they are superior to cordless power tools.

We agree, especially if you’re thinking of purchasing a reciprocating saw or any other power equipment for a long-term, heavy-duty project.

The power of corded tools is greater than that of cordless tools. However, you will need to provide a power supply to run your corded reciprocating saw.

The Dewalt DWE305 reciprocating saw’s head rotates, which is good because it is a safety feature. You can perform your cuts from a different angle instead of holding them awkwardly and risking making a mistake or injuring yourself.

Additional Information on the DWE305 Reciprocating Saw DEWALT Performance

Do you intend to get a considerably more expensive chainsaw for pruning and trimming? It’s not necessary to spend so much money! Instead, we suggest using this tool.

The Dewalt DWE305 is a multifunctional tool for general projects and demolition around the house, with a large assortment of low-cost blades to suit every demand.

While this is an electronic tool, it is potent and has no issue cutting through 4×4 pressure-treated wood, and tree pruning is a breeze with a quick blade switch.

It’s worth noting that the blades are simple to replace and adjust and can be attached horizontally or vertically to fulfill different needs.

The tool itself is well-made but not overly so, which means the user must be careful to keep control at all times; this is basic, but it’s worth mentioning.

Gloves and goggles are required because this tool will spit chips or dust everywhere; however, because it feeds downward, this is usually minimal.

Of course, because it’s a Dewalt, it’s light but sturdy. It’s simple to use, yet it’s far from inconvenient.

Please note that this saw does not include any blades. You’ll need to purchase a set of knives. If you’re buying this kit as a gift, keep this in mind. Isn’t it the worst when you give a gift, and the recipient needs to go out and buy something for it before he can use it?

This reciprocating saw from Dewalt comes in a standard box. Other accessories can be purchased and attached to this tool to make it unique or customized for your needs. Dewalt DWE305 is the reciprocating saw that you should buy. Overall, for the price of $99, this is a convenient tool.

3. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Reciprocating Saw, Compact, Tool Only (DCS367B)

dewalt-20v-max-xr-reciprocating-saw-dcs367bThe DEWALT 20V reciprocating saw provides up to 2.5 times the runtime of other reciprocating saws. The 14.5-inch length allows it to fit between studs and other tight spaces.

It seems light too. It is weighing only 5 lbs (tool only). For quick and easy blade changes and cutting versatility, it incorporates a Keyless 4-Position Blade Clamp.

It has a stroke length of 1-1/8 inches. The variable speed trigger has a maximum speed of 2,900 SPM.

You can illuminate gloomy work locations with the powerful LED light associated with this tool.

Performance of the DEWALT 20V MAX XR Reciprocating Saw

DeWalt 20v/XR tools are popular because they deliver on their promises. This Dewalt reciprocating saw can be used professionally, in engineering, contract work, and even at home.

So, because Dewalt tools are excellent, adding the reciprocating saw to your arsenal of cordless tools, along with all the other devices like the angle grinder and the unique oscillating tool, isn’t a bad idea.

For a variety of reasons, the DCS367 bare tool is an excellent piece of equipment to have. This tool can assist you in removing small trees, saplings, and your garden type of chest-high weeds from a patch of ground that has become overrun.

This reciprocating saw effortlessly passes through any size item within the valuable area of the blade if you use Dewalt 12-inch wood cutting blades.

This is a safer alternative to utilizing a chain saw for miniature trees and large bushes. This saw can cut up one or two decent-sized trees with a single charge of its 20v 5ah battery. This Dewalt DCS367B is a powerful reciprocating saw that you will enjoy!

Additional Information About the Features

You’ll be so grateful for this tool that you’ll be blown away by it. Sounds silly, right? It’s just a saw, right? But, if you’ve ever used one of the terrible saw brands that are renowned for being cheap, beat to beans and back saws-all, no matter what brand, the old ones—you’ll agree that they’re all the same, no good.

With older saws, you had to keep a chock tool on the power line to unbolt blades to change them; with this saw, you can change blades without using any tools, and it takes no time or effort. Oh, and the blade can be positioned in any direction or facing!

This gadget is just as powerful as the top branded saw, but it’s a lot less bulky. It’s ideal! For an extra $10, you can get a package offer that includes six blades for different materials, which is a terrific price! DeWalt blades are known for their superior quality.

This budget-friendly Dewalt cordless reciprocating saw is a powerful tool. However, although this equipment is valuable, we urge that you take breaks from it because heat is not a tool’s best friend, and if you take it easy on it, it will last longer.

If you need lubrication for an extended cut, a drop of tap lube will be enough. Expect to use 5+AH or 6/9AH FV batteries, or multiples of them, if your task is longer than ten minutes regularly.


The battery is top-of-the-line and has a reputation for lasting an extended period while in use. When tested, however, we discovered that the power of a seasoned 20V (5 cell li-ion) battery was not as great as the fresh new 20/60v Flexvolt battery.

If you’re unfamiliar with power systems, it’s more likely due to the battery design than age or abuse. The 60V batteries have three banks of five-cell clusters that run in 20V mode in parallel, considerably minimizing voltage drop by delivering more current under heavy load. For the complete 20V platform, we strongly advise using the Flexvolt packs.

If you choose the 6-amp-hour batteries, you should get some extra power, presumably to a higher capacity or quality built-in by the original equipment manufacturer, depending on the task you do.

Customization can also improve the battery’s performance. But, of course, that is if you know how to do it in the first place.

Remember that rebuilding or repairing lithium-ion/iron manganese phosphate/polymer cell clusters is not a job for a novice with a soldering iron! Welding is required for these batteries.

We do not recommend rebuilding batteries; instead, you should leave it to the professionals or purchase the most OK quality Dewalt battery for your tool on the market.


The Dewalt 20V MAX XR Reciprocating Saw is a fantastic tool because it has a four-way blade holder. A great tool with a lot of potentials! Like a hot knife through butter, it tears through a 2×4, 4-inch abs pipe and huge branches.

This tiny guy is the favorite reciprocating saw for many users compared to the larger non-brushless 20v Sawzall and the 12v Milwaukee brushless hacksaw!

Do you intend to renovate your home? Purchase this for an extensive renovation project because it will save you a lot of time! It cuts through nails like butter and can trim drywall with finesse.

If you’re a big Dewalt fan with many Dewalt tools, you should consider adding this saw to your collection because it won’t let you down.

The one thing we strongly advise is that you utilize the larger 5 Ah battery. Unlike the smaller 2 Ah batteries, which don’t deliver the same power, this battery is preferred.

Dewalt DCS367B is a great saw that isn’t too big but still has the power you’d expect from a reciprocating saw. Choose the Flexvolt 60v packs. They have a switched output, 20V for the most extended run-time when used with 20v tools, and a noticeable, positive difference in output power. Platform and tools are highly recommended!

4. DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw – Tool Only (DCS369B)

dewalt-atomic-reciprocating saw-cordless-dcs369bIt appears to run smoothly and without much vibration, though it can flutter back and forth without making much progress if you don’t keep some pressure on it and stabilize the workpiece while cutting.

For better plunge cutting, you may reverse the saw’s shoe pivots and the blade. The trigger has a lock-off and is changeable in speed.

The saw comes with a belt clip and two blades: one for wood cutting and one for metal cutting. We recommend using a 5Ah battery with the saw, as it will not run out even after multiple cuts.

This small reciprocating saw isn’t a replacement for a full-size reciprocating saw, but it’s pretty helpful in working with conduits from a ladder and making rapid cuts for service work.

DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw Specification

With a front-to-back measurement of about 12.5 inches, the cordless reciprocating saw is small, making it an ideal tool for most projects. In addition, it has 37% less weight than the DCS367.

For improved performance, the reciprocating saw (tool only) incorporates a brushless motor. There’s also a light-emitting diode (LED) that you can use to illuminate gloomy workspaces.

It boasts a tool-free blade release mechanism that makes blade changes quick and simple. In addition, a variable-speed trigger allows the user to manage their speed better.

The rotating shoe offers more contact points than a fixed shoe.

Buy this DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw if you want something smaller, both in terms of maneuverability and weight.

Dewalt DCS369B is an excellent saw for cutting tree limbs or cutting in tight spaces, and it’s our favorite. The shorter stroke is also beneficial for cutting in confined spaces.

The tool has a lot of power and is quite pleasant to use. The larger unit is preferable if you do more complex work and can only swing one saw, but this is an excellent tool if you only do infrequent or light work.

The battery life is excellent, and the engine is powerful. You’ll be glad you purchased this device!

DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw Features

You can use this saw almost every day for basically any shop task and not have any issues.

Depending on the battery you purchase, the battery life is excellent. It’s an excellent idea to use the 6ah batteries because you’ll get many cuts out of them.

You can cut a wide range of materials with this Dewalt reciprocating saw. You can cut steel, anything, and even live green bamboo can be chopped using this tool.

It may be difficult to cut live bamboo with a Stihl chainsaw, but it is simple to cut them with a Dewalt reciprocating saw.

Live bamboo is stranded, almost grass-like, and dulls a chain like nothing else. This small chop saw with a pruning blade is perfect for the job.

You can grip the stalk and timber with one hand. Then you can cut it all the way down to the root level, allowing mowers to pass through. It’s ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Overall, the DCS3698B Atomic 20V reciprocating saw appears to be rather good. In comparison to the Dewalt 20V reciprocating saw, it is compact and light.

When used as an industrial cutting tool, this reciprocating saw runs smoothly. You’ll cut 2X and strapping, PVC and liquid-tight NM conduit up to 2-inch, AL SEU cable, and triplex conductors up to 4/0, all with ease.

This tool will work nicely if you cut a piece of 3/4-inch EMT. With the bit of metal cutting blade that comes with it, it seemed to operate OK.

The saw has a short 5/8-inch stroke and requires some forward pressure to keep it biting into the material.

Final Thoughts on the Dewalt Atomic Reciprocating Saw

Are you still asking why you should buy a Dewalt Atomic Reciprocating Saw? Find out why this gadget is a must-have!

One of the best tools you’ll ever buy is the Dewalt Atomic Reciprocating Saw. Simply brilliant. It cuts like a saw should, but at a faster rate. It has a lot of power for its size. It’s pretty simple to use.

Compared to other reciprocating saw guides, the guiding foot makes it very easy to keep on track. This gadget is ideal. And it is compact.

It’s well worth the money. And there are numerous applications for which you can use this saw.

The grip is ideal for one-handed or two-handed use. And there is no vibration whatsoever. The action of the saw cut is visible for all to see that this device is top of the line. No wonder a lot of customers like this tool.

Furthermore, this reciprocating saw simply fits into a Dewalt toolbox. The DCS369B reciprocating aw is precisely what you’d expect from a Dewalt product; it’s a high-quality piece of equipment that cuts through wood and metal like cake.

If you own a medium-sized commercial enterprise, you’ll benefit from purchasing this tool. However, most clients who have thoroughly invested in the Dewalt 20V system and hold the normal Sawzall are interested in this one because of the one-handed operation.

When working at a height or when on a ladder, this item comes in handy. This saw will make you fall in love with it.

On your installation projects, you can utilize it almost every day. Even if you’ve already invested in a different system, consider purchasing one for yourself. We have to admit, it’s a lot nicer and more powerful than the 12V systems, albeit they serve their function just well.

5. DEWALT Reciprocating Saw DC759CA

The 18V CORDLESS COMPACT DRILL / RECIP SAW COMBO KIT is currently unavailable.

DC759CA saw

Dewalt DC759CA is a basic kit with an 18-volt Compact Drill and an 18-volt DEWALT Reciprocating Saw. The DEWALT DC759CA Tool kit comes with two NiCAD batteries, a charger, and a bag. Although a little bare, it provides the tools necessary for any home repair and construction job you may come across.

Specifications for DEWALT DC759CA Combo Kit

This tool kit comes with the DC759 dual-speed cordless Hammer drill and the DC938 reciprocating saw. The hammer drill is one of the most reliable Hammer drills, delivering power and performance that rivals similar hammer drills.

It can tighten and untighten those nuts and bolts quickly and easily and gets the job done.

The two-speed system is excellent. The reciprocating saw slices through wood with ease, at a cutting length of one inch and a range from 0-2800 strokes per minute to saw through wood quickly and easily.

It also contains a trigger lock for even greater control to shape that wood the way you want to.

Overall Experience of the Dewalt Reciprocating Saw

Overall, these tools are a great addition to any garage. The hammer drill will last as long as you continue to do projects around the house, and the reciprocating saw is great for all of your cutting needs.

The hammer drill produces about 400 inch-pounds of torque and dual-speed for those specific and quick and dirty jobs. It also has a keyless ratcheting chunk to keep those bits in place in that drill.

The reciprocating saw can cut the right side up and upside down, which is nice (a reversing blade). The only thing bad about this kit is the NiCAD batteries. The NiCAD batteries are older, and they do not hold a charge as long as XRP batteries do.

dc759ca-18-volt-compact-drill-combo-kitThe Verdict

The verdict on this DEWALT Reciprocating Saw DC759CA tool kit is that I would look for one of the same veins but with XRP batteries. They will be worth the money. Unfortunately, niCAD batteries drain faster than XRP batteries do, and they tend to decay and die out more quickly over time.

The reciprocating saw drains the battery pretty fast, so an upgrade to the batteries is almost a requirement unless you want to be charging the battery every so often.

I suppose you could have one running while the other chargers, but I think XRP batteries would be the way to go for this kit, especially for the reciprocating saw. Other than the battery, the tools are top of the line.

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