DEWALT Reciprocating Saw DC759CA/Compact Drill

DEWALT DEWALT Reciprocating Saw DC759CA

This is a basic kit with an 18-volt Compact Drill and an 18-volt DEWALT Reciprocating Saw. The DEWALT DC759CA Tool kit comes with two NiCAD batteries, a charger, and a bag. Although a little basic, it provides the tools necessary for any home repair and/or construction job you may come across.

Specifications for DEWALT DC759CA Combo Kit

This tool kit comes with the DC759 dual-speed cordless Hammer drill and the DC938 reciprocating saw. The hammer drill is one of the most reliable Hammer drills, delivering power and performance that rivals similar hammer drills.

It can tighten and untighten those nuts and bolts quickly and easily. Definitely gets the job done. The two-speed system is great. The reciprocating saw slices through wood with ease, at a cutting length of one inch and a range from 0-2800 strokes per minute to saw through wood quickly and easily.

It also contains a trigger lock for even greater control to really shape that wood the way you want to.

Overall Experience of the Dewalt Reciprocating Saw

Overall, these tools are a great addition to any garage. The hammer drill will last as long as you continue to do projects around the house and the reciprocating saw is great for all of your cutting needs.

The hammer drill produces about 400 inch-pounds of torque and has a dual-speed for those precise jobs and those quick and dirty jobs. It also has a keyless ratcheting chunk to keep those bits in place in that drill.

The reciprocating saw can cut the right side up and upside down, which is nice (a reversing blade). The only thing bad about this kit is the NiCAD batteries. The NiCAD batteries are older and they do not hold a charge as long as XRP batteries do.

dewalt-reciprocating-saw-dc759ca-18-volt-compact-drill-combo-kitThe Verdict

The verdict on this DEWALT Reciprocating Saw DC759CA tool kit is that I would look for one of the same veins but with XRP batteries. They will be worth the money. NiCAD batteries drain faster than XRP batteries do and they tend to decay and die out faster over time.

The reciprocating saw drains the battery pretty fast, so an upgrade to the batteries is almost a requirement unless you want to be charging the battery every so often.

I suppose you could have one running while the other one chargers, but I think XRP batteries would be the way to go for this kit, especially for the reciprocating saw. Other than the battery the tools are top of the line.


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