Why You Really Need (A) DEWALT DRILL DCK290L2 (DCK299P2) Kit

dewalt dck290l2 drill impact driver combo

DEWALT DCK299P2 is an upgraded version of the DCK290L2. As a result, it is a more effective and efficient tool. This set is primarily used for woodworking, hardwood furniture construction, routine home maintenance, etc.

Make sure to compare apples to apples while looking for Dewalt items. There’s a reason one drill costs $100 cheaper than the other.

Most purchasers utilize these tools daily because the build quality is excellent.

On the other hand, this kit arrives and operates just as expected. A durable plastic casing, two batteries, a drill driver, and a charger are included.

It’s also worth noting that his kit is from Dewalt’s XR contractor-grade range. It is more expensive, but it is designed to withstand daily usage and damage.

DEWALT DCK299P2 2-Tool Kit Specifications

Three-speed settings, excellent performance (0-2,000 rpm), and an all-metal transmission are included in the hammer drill.

The 20V MAX 1/4-Inch impact driver delivers 1,825 pounds of max torque and 0-3,600 impacts per minute at a rapid 0-3,250 RPM speed.

Both devices are small and light, allowing them to fit into confined spaces. In addition, (2) 20V MAX XR High Capacity Li-Ion Batteries are included (5.0 Ah).

DEWALT DCK299P2 2-Tool Kit Performance

If you’ve got a lot of 18-volt tools and want to upgrade, the DCK299P2 kit is a great choice, and you’ll be glad you did.

One of the most significant differences is the driver’s speed and power. There are numerous videos to compare to determine what is ideal for you. If this item is required, I recommend purchasing it.

We’ve included a video at the end of this post for your convenience. It’s a customer’s unbiased video evaluation. We believe that incorporating this video will help you make your decision.

These variants are highly durable and comfortable to hold. You can screw into metals with the drill all day. The kit will continue to perform admirably. It isn’t easy to match the power and versatility of these tools.

Any workman’s toolkit should have this item. There’s a lot of power here. When not in use, the case keeps everything tidy and orderly.

The LED lights are fantastic and certainly assist. And with the 5ah batteries, it’s even better. They last throughout the entire day and then some. So this buy will undoubtedly satisfy you.

This Dewalt DCK299P2 combo kit has everything you could want in a combo kit. The impact lasts roughly 5-6 hours of intense work with the 2Ah batteries purchased separately.

Overall Experience: DEWALT (DCK299P2) 20V MAX XR Brushless, 5.0-Ah, 2-Tool

The drill is so powerful that it can quickly drill into oak hardwood with a 1/2-inch bit. “For constructing a shelf, use a spade bit. The impact driver has little trouble drilling quarter-inch lag screws into 2x4s. The 5.0A battery isn’t very hefty, and it feels just as powerful as Dewalt’s corded drills.

Suppose you use the drill with the 5Ah batteries; you shouldn’t run out of battery power on the same day. However, make sure they’re fully charged before you start working by charging them overnight.

We discovered that the drill has a slight wobble, which we believe is caused by the hammer drill gears. And we think this is an isolated issue that affected a particular batch produced.

Another unique feature of these tools is their weight. They aren’t cumbersome, especially when compared with other brands. It’s about the same weight as a low-end Dewalt brushed drill. So get a compact if you want something very light.

The drill allows for precision drilling. The drill and impact driver have three-speed settings and a variable speed trigger, which is essential to drill through soft or sensitive materials. In addition, the massive 5.0A battery can drill holes and drive screws all weekend without recharging.

The 5.0A battery is a little heavy, slightly contributing to the tools’ overall weight. However, the weight helps keep the drill/driver from tipping over when setting down the devices.

The drill is pretty large when drilling a hole in a narrow location, so it’s a little cumbersome. However, the impact driver is small enough that it won’t be a problem.

You can notice a slop in the battery’s fitting. But if you know how to fix Dewalt batteries, this isn’t a big deal. We believe the problem is limited to a particular batch of this drill/driver because the batteries from this set work OK in other Dewalt tools, such as the Dewalt 20v flashlight and the Dewalt USB adapter.

Dewalt DCK299P2 Cordless Drill Combo Kit Final Thoughts

You’ll undoubtedly notice that the drill is perhaps too powerful for your needs. But, on the other hand, the drill has a lot of power, depending on what you want.

It’s a vast improvement over other drills and drivers, such as the Ryobi 18v. In addition, this kit comes with a warranty, so if you need to return it, you won’t have any problems.

When comparing this Dewalt 2-Tool set to the Makita brushless drill/driver combo, the Makita felt more solidly built, but it was also twice the price, even after discounts.

Based on the preceding, we believe the DEWALT DCK299P2 is an excellent investment headed in the right direction. These one-of-a-kind 2-tool sets are well worth the money.

DEWALT DCK290L2 Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

This DEWALT DCK290L2 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion 3.0 Ah Hammer Drill and Impact Driver combo kit is the kit you need for all your drilling and bolting needs. The 20 volts means longer-lasting charges and greater power. It comes with two batteries, a charger, and a belt hook.

Specifications of the DEWALT DCK290L2 Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

You will find a DCD985 Hammer drill, DCF885 half-inch impact hammer, two 3.0 Ah 20-Volt Lithium-Ion batteries, and a charger in this lovely little kit.

The hammer drill is one of the best drills for drilling needs, and with a 20-volt battery, this cordless puppy will deliver only the most optimized results. In conjunction with the 20-volt battery, the Impact hammer has higher RPMs than other hammer drills in the same vein.

It ramps up the speed to 2800 RPMs compared to 2300, which comes standard on other hammer drills. This kit also comes with a bag and a detachable belt hook.

Overall Experience of this Power Tool

This DEWALT DCK290L2 kit is perfect for your tightening and drilling needs. The Hammer drill is top of the line, delivering 535 unit watts (compared to 435 of other models), and has a better chuck that grips bits stronger, so they don’t slip during challenging situations.

The Impact hammer is small, compact, and an excellent tool in your arsenal with its relatively low kickback. It’s barely five and a half inches in length and a little more than three pounds, making tight squeezes and higher locations a breeze with this tool.

These tools also come with front-facing LED lights above the triggers to improve visibility while drilling or hammering. The handles are also more ergonomically designed to better fit a user’s hand.

The Dewalt DCK290L2 Verdict

These tools are great. The 20 volts deliver the power necessary for any application and staple in any contractor’s tool kit. In addition, the batteries last longer, the chargers are held better, and the tools are top of the line.

The hammer drills three-speed transmission allows the contractor or home user to choose the best speed possible for the job. The Impact drill does not have the same thing, but the drilling of bits or bolts will be a breeze with practice.

These tools go perfectly together, and you can’t beat them for their modest price. Perfect for showing off your new drilling and driving skills.

Buy the DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Cordless Drill Combo Kit (DCK299P2) On Amazon

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  1. Hi Gibson! I have the ongoing challenge of deciding on which hammer drill to acquire. Would you say that Dewalt’s hammer drill is superior to Makita’s? Let me know what you think so that I can make up my mind. Frankly, I’m tilting towards Makita, even though I know that Dewalt is a solid brand. Thank you already.

    1. Hello there, Jake. Both hammer drills perform admirably. I know a lot of folks who have purchased Makita drills of various sizes and have not been disappointed. Dewalt hammer drills are also excellent. A Makita is a good pick if you’re on a tight budget; otherwise, a Dewalt is a good alternative.


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