Don’t Just Sit There! Get DEWALT MULTI TOOL KIT: DCK655X/DCK592L2

An update on DEWALT MULTI-TOOL DCK655X. We are updating our prior post to reflect the manufacturer’s upgraded tools. The DEWALT 18V XRP Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 6-Tool (DCK655X), has been discontinued if you’re interested.

We will provide our review of the newer model (DCK592L2). The performance of prior devices is improved by an upgraded tool, as with all other Dewalt product revisions.

5-Tool DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit (DCK592L2)

The following items are included in this 5-tool 20V MAX* kit:

  1. Hammerdrill (DCD985)
  2. Reciprocating saw (DCS381)
  3. 1/4-inch Impact Driver (DCF885)
  4. Circular saw (DCS391)
  5. LED work light (DCL040)

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit Specifications

With a revolutionary 3-speed, all-metal transmission and a 1/2″ all-metal ratcheting chuck, the hammer drill produces 535 units watts of maximum performance, faster application speed, and better bit retention.

The drill/impact driver combination kit’s reciprocating saw has a keyless blade clip that enables rapid blade changes without touching the blade or reciprocating shaft.

The DEWALT cordless impact driver has a three-LED light ring with a 20-second delay to improve vision without casting shadows.

With a lightweight magnesium shoe and a 6-1/2-inch carbide blade, the circular saw can cut 2x4s at a 45-degree angle in one pass. In addition, the led work light produces 110 lumens of light.


The flashlight and impact driver are both helpful, and the flashlight battery lasts for months. You can’t possibly compare every possible flashlight purchase to this one. The only criticism we have is that you must carry it differently than a tubular design light.

It is exceptionally bright as a work light, and because of the flat-bottomed, weighty battery, you can set it down without it falling over or moving. A movable head is an added feature.

The impact driver is substantially lighter than the drill and has significantly more power and torque. As a result, you can use it for almost everything except drilling.

The circular saw, as expected, consumes the most battery power. Make sure you have a battery for every twenty feet if you’re cutting more than twenty-four linear feet of three-quarter-inch plywood in one pass.

Use it to make sporadic cuts on deck boards and 4x4s. For example, you could easily spend an afternoon building a tiny (6’x6′) porch with four stairs and a railing using this stuff.

The reciprocating saw performs admirably, but it will last much longer if the battery is rested and allowed to cool.

You can use it to trim limbs with diameters of six and eight inches. It’s great for pruning limbs that the weight of ice has shattered.

You can stay on the ladder until the job is finished by stopping and resting the battery. Then, in an hour, the battery charger can re-energize a battery. You think this is fantastic, right? We think so too!

If you don’t want to have to buy another battery-operated power tool in a few years, get this Dewalt Multi Tool DCK592L2. By purchasing this Dewalt Multi-tool kit, you can say goodbye to battery difficulties.

No matter how long you’ve had this kit, you can cycle the batteries hundreds of times if you utilize them correctly. They’ll be exactly as strong and last as long as they were when you initially bought them. Hobbyists, homeowners, backyards, weekenders, and crafters will all benefit from these power tools.

Dewalt (DCK592L2) 20V MAX Cordless set vs. Dewalt Multi-Tool DCK655X

This Dewalt Multi-tool is a fantastic buy. If you can, get it or keep an eye out for it, especially when it’s on sale. With this combination, you can utilize any tool and have a great time.

The circular saw, like the other tools in the box, will be a favorite with you. It’s reassuring to use the e-brake.

You may fix a fence, build shelves, create garden borders, and demolish an old shed, among other things. And this is going to be fantastic.

Also, if you have the know-how (for DIYer’s), you can probably create a deck with the tools in this package. However, we recommend purchasing at least two more batteries; otherwise, you will quickly deplete the batteries.

DEWALT 20V MAX 5-Tool Combo Kit vs. Dewalt 18-Volt Nicad Combo Kit (4-Tool)

If you’ve ever used DeWalt tools, you’ll know that they’re always dependable. This DCK592L2 kit is more advanced than the four-piece set with 18-volt ni-cad batteries that comes in a rigid plastic container. This quality lithium-ion 20-volt kit is fantastic.

The impact driver and drill now have lights, which is a great addition. Another great feature is the reciprocating saw with a four-position rapid blade changing.

The only flaw is that this set comes with a canvas bag rather than a hard case, which keeps all of the tools organized and prevents them from colliding in a bag.

When contrasted to the tool’s performance, this isn’t a significant concern. Overall, the Dewalt DCK592L2 is an excellent commercial-grade tool. You will not be dissatisfied with these. In addition, they’re not as heavy as older 18-volt sets.

An onboard bit holder on the drill would be suitable, and we’re not sure why DeWalt didn’t include one in this newer design, but that’s our only complaint, along with the canvas bag.

Aside from that, if you’re familiar with DeWalt tools, these are similar in style and quality, with a little more power and longer-lasting batteries. Unfortunately, the old has to go, and the new has to come in.

The Dewalt DCK592L2 is an excellent kit. Although the circular saw and reciprocating saw will not be able to replace your corded tools yet, this kit is one of a kind.

I understand that some people will be critical of the bag, but it is of the same high quality as the bags that come with any other major tool brand’s kit. Of course, these aren’t Dewalt’s top-of-the-line tools, but they’re all well-made and operate well.

The 3ah batteries provide enough power for the drills and lights, but they may be short on runtime if you continuously use the saws.

Again, the 6-1/2 circular saw won’t be able to take the place of your corded saw when it comes to framing. Dewalt makes 60-volt saws for this purpose. So, if you know what you’re buying and how these tools will fit into your arsenal, you may anticipate a lot of bang for your money.

For years, this device and everything else in the kit has been known to operate well. So stop wasting time deciding which combination pack to buy because this Dewalt multi-tool DCK592L2 is a fantastic addition to any toolbox or project.

Because of the increased functions of the saws, we recommend that you choose the premium pack to receive the best results. The reciprocating saw has four blade positions.

The circular saw’s base is made of higher-quality metal for increased wear resistance. But, of course, if you intend to keep this set of tools for a long time, the choice will be obvious. It will be simple to select the higher-quality set.

Any professional or handyman would benefit significantly from this set of DeWalt tools. When you consider the price to performance ratio, this kit is a steal. You will undoubtedly be pleased with your purchase.

Dewalt products are well-liked since they are both inexpensive and effective.

Many firms promote Milwaukee equipment, but they never receive the additional power required for specific tasks.

That’s not to say Milwaukee isn’t good; they’re up there with the Dewalt brands as the most significant power tool manufacturers despite some arguing that Dewalt is ahead of them.

Dewalt drills are thought to be superior to Milwaukee drills. So if you need more drill torque for a job that Milwaukee can’t quite finish, opt for a Dewalt drill like the one included in this DCK592L2 Combo Kit.

The Dewalt brand also boasts excellent long-lasting batteries that require far less charge for the impacts and the Sawzall than the Milwaukee and Makita brands.

Dewalt impacts tend to rotate unevenly over time, which can be annoying but don’t drop them too often or roughhouse with them.

Compared to its predecessor, the Dewalt Multi-Tool DCK655X, the updated Dewalt DCK592L2 is an outstanding tool, as you can see from the preceding. However, the upgrade’s uniqueness makes it more tempting to those who are still on the fence.

Dewalt DCK655X 20V MAX Set

This 6-tool kit has some of the most powerful tools any serious handyman would want to have, even though it has been discontinued in favor of an improved version. Consider what the upgrade would be like if the prior version were highly rated.

This monster of a kit, the DEWALT Multi-Tool DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Cordless Combo Kit with Impact Driver, is the go-to kit.

The kit to beat all gears, including a 3-Speed Hammer drill, circular saw with carbide-tipped blade, reciprocating saw, heavy-duty impact driver, cut-off tool, and high power floodlight.

DEWALT Multi-Tool DCK655X Specifications

This all-in-one home makeover machine has six main components. The Hammer drill has the DEWALT patented three-speed transmission, circular saw with carbide-tipped blade, reciprocating saw with four-position blade clamp, heavy-duty impact driver, cut-off tool, and floodlight.

Dewalt Multi-Tool DCK655X Overall Experience

This kit features a set of powerful, easy-to-use, and versatile tools for any project you might have around the house. In addition, the drill comes equipped with a state-of-the-art three-speed metal transmission which increases its efficiency and reduces the wear and tear that you would get with other comparable drills (such as the Makita drill).

The circular saw delivers fast cutting at 3,700 revolutions per minute, so I hope you don’t make a mistake (haha). The reciprocating saw comes with a 4-position clamp that allows for flush cutting so that you can cut off things at surface level. You won’t get this with other reciprocating saws.

The impact driver delivers an astounding 1,300 inch-pounds of torque. Perfect for the everyday user. The cut-off tool is also a great addition to this bundle, as it cuts and grinds all of your odds and ends down. It also has a detachable two-hand position for even more excellent grinding stability and power.

The last item in this kit is the floodlight, which features a Xenon light bulb that can quickly light up even the darkest of basements and corners, allowing you to see things even if you don’t want to.

The Verdict

This DEWALT DCK655X tool kit is safe and easy to use, from beginning carpenters to more advanced users. It contains two 18-volt batteries, which both charge in an hour. These tools take a couple of uses to break in (as do most tools, have to get the gears grinding a little), but this kit is well worth the money for the price.

The only thing this set doesn’t come with is a set of blades for the saw, but those are cheap to purchase. If there is one thing that this kit is missing, it is a double charger, so while you’re sleeping, you can charge both batteries at once.

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