Dewalt is known for producing long-lasting power tool accessories and offers some of the best equipment in the business. These seven power tool accessories were carefully chosen and assessed with the user in mind.

1. DEWALT Charger Kit (DCB205CK)

DEWALT DCB205CK is an excellent kit! Because of its utility, this charger is at the top of our list of DEWALT power tool accessories. Without a charger, cordless tools are worthless.

Get longer runtime and better performance with the 20V Max 5.0Ah XR battery. With a 4-amp charge rate charger, it charges all 12v-20v max batteries. Compatible with DEWALT’s whole 20-volt max tool and accessory line. A soft bag is included for additional tool storage, and the package comes with a three-year free service warranty.

Dewalt 20V 5.0Ah MAX Battery and Charger Kit with Bag.

This accessory offers the freedoms of a great portable device, and the battery charges relatively quickly. Besides, it works nicely with Dewalt cordless power tools. What an excellent value for the money!

2. DEWALT Screwdriver Bit Set (DW2166)

Drill bits are accessories you’ll need to buy depending on how you utilize the drill and the materials you’ll be drilling. Carbon drill bits are exclusively suggested for use with hardwood products.

A twist drill bit is quite similar to a braided point drill bit. The twisted bit has the same diameter throughout, but a braided point gets thinner as it gets closer to the bottom.

Screwdriver Bit Set with Tough Case, 45-Piece.

This DEWALT (DW2166) Screwdriver Bit is a must-have kit for impact drivers. It is a well-made set of long and short bits that you can use in various ways. In addition, they don’t appear to wear out! This gadget is highly recommended as one of the best Dewalt power tool accessories.

There are many small parts you’ll probably never use, but this kit proves its worth every time I use the magnetic screw holder.

The handy carrying case is also a plus. It appears to be well-made and fits comfortably in the DeWalt compact 20V Max drill driver carrying bag. Buying this item is a wise investment.

Everything you need is included in a terrific bundle. You can remove sunk screws and pocket screws with the sockets connector for your existing wrench set and the long shank bits. This kit is ideal for both the house owner and the workshop.

Are you looking for a twist drill bit? Dewalt DWA1184 14 piece set black oxide coated HSS Twist drill bit set is a great option.

3. DEWALT Reciprocating Saw Blades (DW4856)

Metal/Wood Cutting Set, 6-Piece.

The substantial case container is built in China, while the tool is made in the United States utilizing global materials. The saw blade has a life extension of up to 50%. In addition, the BI-metal structure provides blade flexibility and a long-lasting cutting edge.

The tall, broad blade shape ensures straight cuts in heavy metal cutting applications while also adding durability to tough demolition jobs. In addition, the unique tooth shapes further improve chip removal for more efficient cutting and longer life.

These are decent saw blades, roughly on par with middle-of-the-line blades. The low price compensates for the fact that they are somewhat disposable. However, they will wear out quickly if you use them in a high setting, in a saw with a lot of play, or inappropriate material.

The low tooth count quickly slices through 2x4s and plywood, while the mid-tooth count is ideal for drywall and plastic and makes clean cuts in thin hardwood. The high tooth count is perfect for thicker sheet metal, such as 1/16 to 1/8 inch, but anything flexible is a problem.

4. DEWALT Circular Saw Blade (DWA171460)

7-1/4-Inch 60-Tooth Circular Saw Blade.

Toughness, wear resistance, and extended life are all features of this accessory, made of high-density tungsten carbide. In addition, it has a strong layer of anti-stick covering that eliminates gumming and friction.

It has a narrow kerf design that allows for smooth cuts. In nail-embedded wood, the strengthened shoulder provides impact resistance. This tool has been designed to work with corded and cordless circular saws.

For the price, this blade provides a pretty decent cut. Although the grain direction and type of wood will influence how clean the edge is, this finishing blade performs as expected. Compared to the most ripped blades, it is also considerably quieter and smoother.

This DEWALT DWA171460 blade has the advantage of being interchangeable with various brands. So you can use it on a Ryobi circular saw, for example. It’s also worth noting that the cuts will be smooth, with no blade lines and few rough edges.

5. DEWALT Diamond Blade for Masonry (DW4725)

7/8-Inch Arbor, 4-1/2-Inch Dewalt Dry Cutting tool with Continuous Rim.

A high-performance diamond matrix gives 200x the life of ordinary abrasives and better material removal, and it has a thinner kerf to increase cut speed while minimizing dust. The product is a 4-1/2″ HiPerf MAS Blade that is easy to use and made in China.

One of the most effective concrete cutting blades ever created! It slices through-hardened lawn edge concrete forms like a keen saw cutting softwood lumber.

This 4 1/2″ DeWalt diamond blade does not wear out after a single cut; you may use it to make several cuts, and it will keep running. For example, you can cut brick with this attachment, and after cutting two sections of hardened concrete-shaped blocks, you won’t even detect the slightest wear on the blade.

It’s so good and dependable that it’s no surprise that so many people like it. It cuts ten times faster than the cheap discs and appears to stay in perfect condition. At a very reasonable price, this is a fantastic power tool accessory!

6. DEWALT Metal Cutting Wheel (DW8062B5)

4-1/2-Inch, 5-Pack General Purpose Metal Cutting Wheel.

These incredibly long-lasting units offer a medium sanding grade with 13300 rpm as the maximum speed.

For rapid, burr-free cutting, it has a thin .045-inch wheel design, and for vigorous cutting action, a proprietary aluminum oxide grain combination is used.

Wheels with a specific material blend are sturdy and long-lasting. For durability and safety, two full sheets of fiberglass are used. You can perform cutting that is quick and devoid of burrs with this disc.

These wheels slice like a hot knife through butter. If you’re interested in fabrication, you may use this cutting wheel to scavenge and recycle old steel into new items. It effortlessly cuts through metal bolts. And, unlike a portable grinding disc, it cuts pretty quickly. They wear down at a similar rate as any other cutting wheel, but they seem to cut faster, which is a good thing. With these, you can’t go wrong.

7. DEWALT Oscillating Tool Blades Kit (DWA4216)

5-Piece Oscillating Tool Blades Kit.

The DEWALT oscillating tool blade has a universal fitting and may be used on all major brands without an adaptor. In addition, the DEWALT ToughCase is adaptable, with compartments customized to fit a variety of DEWALT oscillating tool accessories.

It is an excellent beginner set of oscillating blades. And they look to be created entirely in the United States. The plastic clamshell is made worldwide, but it’s a high-quality casing that will last a long time.

My favorite component is the case, which provides lots of capacity to store extra blades. In addition, the blades will fit any cordless DEWALT oscillating device exactly, which is to be anticipated given that DEWALT makes the tool.

Although there are less expensive blades on the market, this bundle with the robust case is a better value for money. You can use this tool to cut internal wood trim, composite baseboards for a flooring project, and more, and the cuts will be sharp and clean.

The scraper blade appears to be quite fascinating. For example, you can use it to scrape something off a cast-iron engine block, such as a water pump gasket. This tool could make scraping gaskets a lot easier and faster.

We hope you find these Dewalt power tool accessories as valuable as the vast majority of customers who have given them five stars on online reviews.

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