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This kit was one of Dewalt’s most potent tools, but it’s no longer available. Still interested in Dewalt Tools? It would help if you looked into Dewalt’s 20V tool line.

As an example, this kit: DEWALT 20V Max XR Oscillating Multi-Tool could be a good alternative. These are newer models that are renowned for having better power and precision.

The DEWALT 20V Max XR Oscillating Multi-Tool, Variable Speed, Tool Only (DCS356B) is an excellent place to start from.

DEWALT 20V tools have a 3-speed selector that allows users to adjust their speed settings depending on the application. This tool is perfect, just like the other Dewalt tools.

Specifications for this Dewalt Tools Kit

This DEWALT 18-Volt Compact Cordless 4-tool Combo Kit is your one-stop shopping for all your household and artistic needs. Maybe you need to fix that drywall, take down that drywall, or renovate your kitchen. This Dewalt tools kit provides everything you need to take on those home renovation projects.

This kit contains four main pieces.  It has the Compact Drill/Driver, the Circular Saw, the Reciprocating Saw, and Pivoting Head Flashlight. All of them are cordless and hold 18-Volt charges, which is suitable for household projects. These tools are essential items in any toolbox, from beginner home repairman to seasoned contractor.

Overall Experience

Having to buy all of the tools separately would be a nuisance, so to have them all in one easy-to-go combo pack is economical.  The 18-Volt charge is critical here in that it can tackle just about any project you have and last a while on a single charge.  The batteries charge fast (in about an hour) and last longer than most battery-operated power tools.

The Compact Drill provides a bang for your buck. But, at the lost cost of having it included in this pack, you get a 410-watt 1,700 RPM monster that will be your greatest ally when it comes to tackling home repair.

The circular saw, with its whopping 3,700 RPM, slices the competition. It also has a 0 to 50-degree angle. As a result, it cuts through two by fours with ease. In addition, the impact driver is one of the tops in the market, delivering power and speed with 2,700 impacts per minute.

The pivoting-head flashlight is also lovely, as it’s got a fully rotating head so that working in the dark will not be a problem if you need to work late at night. The tools are also lighter and smaller than others, allowing them to fit in tighter places around the house.

The Verdict

The DeWalt DC4CKTA 19-Volt Compact Cordless 4-Tool Combo Kit is an easy to use and great product.  For home repair or construction, it is almost a necessity.

All these tools are no doubt required in home construction (unless you prefer hand tools), but for the modern man, these battery-powered tools are no doubt top of the line and have an extended life compared to the same tools in the market.

It also comes with a nifty case if you have to take your expertise on the road and help out your neighbors or your family. These tools come highly recommended and are a fierce competitor in the power tool market.

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