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The 8 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe


If you’re looking for a romantic destination to start a new chapter with your partner, then Europe is the place to be. Whether it’s London, Paris or Venice, every destination in Europe will woo you with its love-inducing charms.


If you’re looking for a beachy honeymoon experience, look no further than the Balearic Islands, Spain’s four-island Mediterranean archipelago. Mallorca and Ibiza both offer gorgeous beaches, fresh seafood, and great parties.

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Budapest is the perfect choice for couples who love to pamper themselves and relax. Hungary is home to the world’s largest thermal bath complex, and its wellness culture is legendary.

With 118 medicinal springs, Budapest is the capital of hot water – and its spas are some of the best in the world. Its unique position right on top of a geological fault line has made the city’s underground springs ideal for hydrotherapy.

The city also boasts the ruins of an ancient Roman city – Aquincum – which is still visible today and is a great way to explore some of the country’s history. Getting to the ruins is simple by bus or tram, and you can even book a picnic to enjoy along the Danube River.

Another must-see in Budapest is the Millennium Monument. It features a semicircular pillared colonnade with statues of Hungarian kings and national leaders. It also offers stunning views of the City Park.


Mallorca is one of the most beautiful European destinations for a honeymoon. Its iconic cities, countryside and coastline are all waiting to seduce you.

In spring almond blossoms bloom on meadows; in autumn the vineyards turn to a mantle of gold. Wherever you go, whether hiking in the Serra de Tramuntana, cycling through honey-stone villages or just sitting under a night sky, Mallorca’s lyrical landscapes never fail to captivate.

With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that this island has become a major tourist destination in recent years. In summer, it’s packed with sweltering temperatures and hordes of tourists, but in the shoulder seasons, March through May and October, the weather is milder and room rates are lower.

If you’re not in the mood for a beach holiday, there are plenty of other things to do on the island, including a hot air balloon ride. You’ll get a different perspective of Mallorca from above on this 5-star-rated flight.


A gorgeous island off the northwest coast of Greece floating on the Ionian Sea, Corfu is the perfect place for a honeymoon. It’s a classic green island destination, with a cultural heritage that marries French and Venetian influences with a modern vibe.

You’ll find plenty of stunning beaches, top-notch resorts and priceless castles and forts dotted across its vast coastline. A honeymoon in Corfu will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed, surrounded by lush green mountains and crystal clear seas.

It’s not just about the beaches, though – this green island has more than its fair share of breathtaking sights to explore, such as ancient monasteries on islands and a cosmopolitan city center that vibrates with energy.

The whitewashed Pantokranator Church, for example, is a must-see as it’s home to the relics of Spyridon, a shepherd from the 4th century who’s said to protect Corfu from all ills. The 17th-century Vlacherna Monastery is also worth a visit, offering impressive architecture outside and colorful frescoes inside.

Food is another big part of any holiday in Corfu, and the fusion of Italian and Greek influences shows in its delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Take a break from the beach and enjoy a meal at the open-air terrace of the Limnopoula seafood restaurant, whose views out to sea make it the perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle.


Lisbon is one of the most romantic and picturesque cities in Europe. It’s the perfect destination for newlyweds looking to get away from the daily grind and rekindle their love.

The Portuguese capital boasts a wealth of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as a stunning coastline and beautiful beaches. In addition, it’s home to some of the best restaurants and cafes in Europe.

For a truly unique experience, try listening to fado music, a style of melancholic folk music that developed in the city during the 19th century. Fado singers can be found in a variety of bars around the city, and you can even visit a fado museum.

Depending on your mood, you can also head to the Bairro Alto district, a ‘high neighborhood’ where the streets are steep and narrow. It’s a good place to relax with some drinks and delicious Portuguese cuisine after a day of sightseeing.

In the summer, try to beat the crowds and get an early start on your sightseeing. You’ll be able to enjoy all the city has to offer without feeling too overwhelmed or having to wait too long.


Located in central Europe, Prague is an incredible city that oozes romance. It has a mix of old-world charm and modern architecture that creates the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway.

A walk through the streets of this beautiful city will leave you feeling like you’ve been transported back in time. The cobbled lanes and stunning bridges, the historic buildings with golden-rimmed blue church domes and whimsical art pieces all work together to make Prague an unforgettable destination.

The best way to experience this beautiful city is by taking a stroll along the Vltava River, which winds through Prague and connects the Old Town with Mala Strana. There are lunch, afternoon and evening cruises that will allow you to enjoy the sights of this UNESCO-listed city while floating by.

Another must-do in Prague is to cross Charles Bridge, one of the most iconic bridges in the world and a must-see on any travel itinerary. Whether you stroll across it on your own or join the throngs of tourists at midday, you’ll be in awe of this stunning structure.


Honeymoon is the most memorable and exciting part of a person’s life and it is best to celebrate it with your partner in an intimate and romantic place. Europe has some enchanting honeymoon destinations that offer a perfect place for couples to spend their time together and create memories which will last forever.

The picturesque city of Venice is one of the most alluring European honeymoon destinations. It is a stunning place with gorgeous canals, attractive bridges and enchanting natural beauty.

It’s a great place to enjoy a gondola ride over the beautiful canals or just to sit back and relax with your beloved. The best time to visit Venice is between September and November when the weather is pleasant and the city has a lot of privacy for couples to enjoy.

It is a beautiful city which is very rich in culture, heritage and history. It has beautiful parks and historic museums. It is also a very liberal and tolerant city which accepts everyone with open arms.


Whether you’re looking for a romantic beach vacation or an active getaway with your significant other, the Algarve is the perfect place to honeymoon. Located in the south of Portugal, this stunning area is famous for its cliff-backed beaches and mouthwatering seafood.

The Algarve also boasts a remarkably easy-going vibe and friendly locals. It’s no wonder so many newlyweds are choosing to honeymoon in this beautiful part of Europe.

If you want to get out of the resorts, take a day trip into the rustic hinterland. This area is where you’ll find castles and historical towns that are a must-see.

The Algarve is a year-round destination, but it’s especially lovely in spring and fall. During these months, you’ll have a chance to enjoy the scenery without the crowds of summer, and prices are lower as well.

8.St. Barthelemy.

When it comes to European honeymoon destinations, few are as luxe and flawless as St. Barthelemy, an island that blends French sophistication with the tropical Caribbean.

With pristine beaches, incredible shopping, world-class spas and phenomenal restaurants, this French-speaking island is the perfect choice for your dream honeymoon. It’s not cheap compared to other Caribbean islands (especially since it uses the euro as its currency), but there are ways to make it work on any budget.

Aside from visiting the renowned Grande Cul-de-Sac beach, a must-do on this island is to visit Corossol, a tiny fishing village that is home to handicraft stalls where women dressed in traditional clothes and speaking a norman dialect create crafts from straw. You can also learn about the island’s mixed heritage at a variety of museums, churches and ruins.

While many of the top resorts are expensive, you can save money by renting a villa instead of staying in a hotel. These smaller cottages or apartment-style condos offer more privacy than hotels do and are often cheaper, too.


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