A second straight NCAA tournament experience is fading fast from Irish sight

 If the Notre Dame men's basketball team loses a major conference contest at home against a ranked team at the same time 

the football app is triumphing in a bowl game a thousand miles away, does the number count?

It happened and man, is Notre Dame basketball in a deep hole. It is dark. It's cold. It's daunting.

The Irish get it. They also realize that they won't have enough teamwork and gear to fully get out of this in time 

 take this season back to where everyone thought it would go.March by any college basketball software correct enough to be covered 

The departure of this basketball team from Notre Dame might suggest something completely strange

 but appropriately familiar. We're digging, man; we are coming out of that,” said Irishman Mike Brey. “We turn that ball over (17) times,

 you'll be loose for spring loot. Let me put it that way. You will go if you want to visit Florida.