'A Special Christmas Eagles album raises over $250K for charity.

It will certainly be a Philadelphia-specific Christmas for the children's disaster treatment center, which will receive $250,000

in proceeds from the holiday album featuring Eagles offensive linemen Jason Kelce

The album's official producer and former Eagles defender Connor Barwin said the initial intention came from raising around 

$30,000 for various Philadelphia charities. But the album found such exquisite demand that the initial intention

was quickly shattered: the second vinyl pressing sold out in two minutes.

“I hope we all feel lucky to be a part of this,” Barwin said. “We are very happy that people responded the way he did

and he has been able to make a lot of money and bring a lot of happiness to people during the holidays in Philadelphia

It is unclear how much data has been sold in total because the actual revenue from a third pressing of the green vinyl records

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