Know How Adam Lambert Stuns With Duran Duran's Cover of Hit in 'The Voice' Finale

Adam Lambert sang a powerful rendition of a Duran Duran hit at the end of season 22 of NBC's The Voice.

On Tuesday evening (Dec. 13), the legendary singer from Duran Duran took to the NBC Studios stage for a live performance of their song, “Ordinary World.”

The 40-year-old performer, who’d performed the iconic rock hit impeccably, stunned attendees while showcasing his powerhouse 

 his powerhouse vocals in a piano-driven ballad. Fashioning an all-white ensemble

and standing in front of white drapery and props, Lambert solemnly sang the song to victum

sang the song to honor victims of the Colorado Springs shooting and the LGBTQ+ community.

Lambert is releasing a new album called High Drama. Going by the track listing, it appears the album will include "Ordinary World,"

The upcoming project will be executive produced by Lambert alongside Tommy English, Andrew Wells, George Moore, and Mark Crew.

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