Afrochella is not ending. Alternatively, rebranding to 'Afro future Fest'

Afrochella is not always ending! Instead, one of Ghana's most coveted galas celebrating black music, art, fashion and subculture is being rebranded

We are still in the early stages of rebranding, but the competition is not ending well,” a spokesperson tells Travel Noire

There are only a few details about the new brand name, but the spokesperson confirms that the group has already launched with some social media

That's actually good news after a shocking claim from one of the co-founders that the contest might be ending.

“This is the final Afrochella,” declared Abdul Abdullah. He told festival goers on the second day of the contest at El-Wak Stadium in Accra.

There was something unique about Afrochella that meant a lot to African people like me […] I guess it will be hard to fill the void they will leave,

If anything is clear as Afrochella continues to evolve, the organizers are focusing more on a festival of songs. Since its inception in 2017

Afrochella has become a completely unique revelation to Black festival-goers unlike anything else in the world.

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