Aircraft Movie Review: Gerard Butler-Mike Colter Keep You On Your Seat Threshold In This Serious Mystery

While the airplane trailer has been released on the net, fans shared that it looks like a Gerard Butler movie exclusive and I must say

Well, speaking roughly of airplanes, the story of the movie can be defined in one line, but what makes it truly worth watching is a gripping script,

The story introduces us to a commercial airline pilot, Captain Brodie Torrance (played by Gerard Butler), who is in charge of a 14-passenger 

Also on the passenger list is a convicted murderer Louis Gaspare (played by Mike Colter) who is handcuffed and captured with the help of a policeman

At the same time that Brodie proves not to fly due to bad weather, the Trailblazer Airlines government makes the decision to send the plane within the typhoon's 

A couple of minutes after takeoff, the aircraft is struck by lightning, causing an electrical malfunction. In the panic situation

both pilots manage to crash the plane on Jojo's island. But little like them that island is a habitat for a collection of anti-government militants

As Brodie enters the woods to find communication help, the militants kidnap all the passengers and hold them at bay. Now, Brodie realizes that his project

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