Al Roker thanks you for your good wishes in the middle of his live hospital

Al Roker is confident that, with any luck, he will leave the hospital quickly.

Today's Weatherman said as much in an Instagram post he shared on Dec. 8.

"I hope to be home soon, but while your spirits dip a bit you can watch and recharge," he captioned a photo of an orange sky against the houses of the metropolis.

"God bless you concerned with all appropriate prayers and wishes for me and my family circle."

Al learned last month that he was admitted to a clinic with blood clots, forcing him to miss hosting the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade for the first time in 27 years.

“For the last 27 shows, right now, we would switch to Al Roker, who is our current program partner and quality partner

but as many of you have heard, Al is recovering and convalescing very well from a recent clinical issue.

On November 24, Al said in an Instagram video that he was leaving the clinic.

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