Alicia Keys Santa Baby Album Review: A Chic Take On The Traditional Christmas Tote

I've been one of those desirable girls,” Alicia Keys assures Santa in the title track to her first Christmas series.

Actually, for a forty-one-year-old woman to stand out 

a bit in her career without profiting from a Christmas record is a sign of very good class.

there is nothing more elegant than hearing from her the emotions of her in Latin from her in a final version of Schubert's Hail Mary.

Realistically speaking, this is Keys' first album since she concluded her major-label deal and he or she remained impartial

so it's possible she's looking for an affordable set of songs. 

The fact that it's the most effective stream on Apple Tune hasn't helped its visibility

but it's more or less the quality of a Christmas 2022 album buffet that still includes releases by the Backstreet Boys

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