AMU VC Tariq Mansoor writes: BBC series 'The Modi query' receives it poorly. Indian Muslims want to transport themselves from the afterlife; we no longer stay there.

The word "white man's burden" is well known. It means the obligation, assumed by force with the help of white aristocratic men, to make the sector a superior area.

Equally disturbing today, however, is the "white media burden": the Western media's self-received responsibility for creating false and illogical discourse around

predisposed. The BBC's current series, The Modi question, is an ideal example of "white media burden": thousands of unsubstantiated and undesirable statements on a subject to which they may be biased.

First, the collection suggests utter contempt for the Indian judiciary. The 2002 rebel cases were heard at all levels of the Indian judiciary

they were also heard in exceptional states. The highest court in the land, the splendid courtroom, provided a place to investigate the case

The consequences are for all people to see. After painstaking judicial and administrative findings with the help of top expert men and women

Secondly, and more importantly, BBC programming has not placed favor in the court of human beings. In 2014 and 2019 (and before that, in 2002, 2007 and 2012

This is not feasible until humans from various social groups vote for a leader and a celebration. Your numbers can fluctuate too, but the trend is hard to ignore.

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