Amy Schumer on painful battle with endometriosis: It's a "lonely disease"

Amy Schumer has been candid about the signs and processes she went through to treat endometriosis

and he or she hopes her story allows others in pain to find their voices.

The comic elaborated on the "sickness of loneliness" and the stigma associated with menstruation in an intimate interview 

 with CBS News Science Contributor Dr. David Agus for Paramount+'s new authentic documentary series 

"The Checkup with Dr. David agus". The 30-minute episode will be available starting Tuesday, December 13.

"I've been in a lot of pain, you know, my entire existence, not just the week of my duration," Schumer

 41, said in the episode, adding that "it's clearly been difficult,"

 Schumer said he's been experiencing pain. excessive for many years considering the fact that it was first given its length.

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