Ana de Armas fan lawsuit puts studios at risk for misleading trailers

Movie studios can be sued under deceptive advertising laws if they post misleading movie trailers

US District Judge Stephen Wilson has ruled in a case about "Last Day," the near-international 2019 movie without the Beatles.

Two fans of Ana de Armas filed a lawsuit in January, claiming they had rented the film after seeing de Armas in the trailer

Usual tried to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that movie trailers are entitled to high security below first modification.

 The studio's lawyers argued that a trailer is an "expressive and artistic work" 

that tells a three-minute story that conveys the theme of the film

But Wilson rejected that argument, finding that a trailer is commercial speech and subject to California's false advertising law

"It's commonplace that trailers involve some creativity and editorial discretion, but this creativity doesn't make up for the industrial

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