Ankara criticizes British weekly The Economist for "cheap propaganda" in Türkiye

Türkiye's communications director, Fahrettin Altun, on Thursday slammed the London-based weekly The Economist for making "cheap propaganda" about Türkiye.

"Here we go again! The Economist recycles their intellectually lazy, stupid and willfully ignorant description of Türkiye. It seems they were forced to herald

"Shocking headlines and provocative images could help them sell their so-called magazine, so we congratulate them on their innovative advertising techniques!

But we must remind the audience that this is tabloid journalism based entirely on cheap propaganda and misinformation," Altun stated in Twitter.

Altun's comments came after The Economist published a story asking outsiders to be aware of the upcoming Türkiye election, claiming that the United States

“The Turkish people have time and again demonstrated their commitment to democracy, equality and freedom. Our political device has been through many tribulations

"While our President Erdogan called on our citizens to resist the coup plotters, his reaction became a lesson for a long time. Well-known journalists and editors 

"This is basically due to his inexplicable and ongoing hatred of our democratically elected president, who has won every election he has participated

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