Ariana Grande interviews her 'queen' for EW's Artists of the Year 2022

Jennifer Coolidge is planning her next move. "I just want to do one where I do a backflip off the stairs," 

 jokes the latest Emmy winner after finishing a cover shot of Entertainers of the yr from Entertainment Weekly's Set last month in West Hollywood. 

The actress calls out all the right guys in a glittery gold dress and stilettos, 

 climbing a red staircase to leave her mark on a replica of the famous Hollywood sign. 

 You have no idea that she is actually dealing with one of her biggest fears

as she injured herself climbing a mountain to "get into" her own house after locking herself away years ago

 "I don't take big risks anymore, like jumping in the dark or anything like that," she explains as soon as she's back on the ground.

It may not be her problem with heights, but in terms of comedy, Coolidge has always considered herself fearless

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