Artists from Rhiannon Giddens to Jonas Brothers Tackle Important American Tunes

Viewers won't go wrong watching the full two hours of "Homeward Sure: A Grammy Salute to the Songs of Paul Simon" 

But if you only have a 10-minute stretch for a non-festive televised song within the main days until Christmas

maybe it's the last act of this original, especially the generational transfer number that has a reach

As Giddens and Simon perform the "Americana song," you can feel like you've gone in search of the United States

 and indeed succeeded in that quest, through just one number.

Everything else about the broadcast, which was filmed before a live audience

at Hollywood's Pantages again in April (see the next day's coverage of the series here)

feels impeccably cast by producer Ken Ehrlich, if rarely. marked with the help of surprises in the left area. 

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