At the FRITZ, American Pickers enthusiasts accuse the show of making the appearance of A-list visitors

Ahead of Wednesday's new episode of Yankee Pickers, White Stripes frontman Jack White was featured as a visiting star.

Lovers were eager to catch up with the truly reclusive rocker, but some were left underwhelmed by the look of him.

One reviewer tweeted: "Used to think #JackWhite would be a cool man to meet...Yeah not anymore!"

The star has been struggling with his fitness in recent years ever since, and fans are missing his light-hearted screen presence.

His vintage store recently "opened late" and his staff were criticized as "rude" amid his efforts to recover from a stroke.

The television personality is hospitalized in July 2022 and has been operating to get back into shape at an Iowa nursing facility.

The US Sun has exclusively discovered that customers at his Illinois vintage store, Frank Fritz reveals, have complained during 

A customer wrote in December 2022 on Google reviews: “He was thought to open at 10am. When we walked in, the lights weren't

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