B650 motherboard is compromised ASRock X670 motherboard

AMD X670 motherboards are not cheap, easily exceeding R$3 thousand.

This will be feasible with an innovation from ASRock. A dedicated motherboard from the manufacturer does this variation

The Level1Techs channel got first-hand access to ASRock's AMD X670 expansion card and shows us 

Along with this board, the channel also received an ASRock B650 LiveMixer motherboard with a custom BIOS for the update to work.

The tiny card fits into a PCIe slot and relies not only on that feature, but also on a single connection line

This makes the X670 expansion card different from some ASRock motherboard models.

The expansive board is equipped with an AMD chipset with enough capabilities to showcase an AMD B650 motherboard 

ASRock's X670 expansion board has no release date yet and the organization has not yet announced which motherboard