Huge Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega come face to face in Tell All Special

The great Ed Brown loves to tell everyone how much he's changed. He just has a hard time showing it.

That's real, whether he's telling Liz Woods that he's not ready to marry her anymore or he's in touch with her ex.

In Tune With 90 Day Fiancé: Lucky Forever? Tell All promo, yes, Ed has been talking to Rosemarie Vega.

Approximately how much is each? And what about Rose's recent science emergency that landed her in the sanitarium?

According to the promotion, things are going to get intensely complicated for many couples

This time, Liz is explaining why Ed continues to expect her to side with her despite her behavior.

Ed very rudely tells Liz that he wants her to avoid "appearing like a queen."

That could be an excellent query. The lovers suspect that major self-confidence issues combined with their manipulative 

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