'Bat Out of Hell' to close out New Year's Day on the Strip

“Bat Out of Hell — The Musical,” custom designed for the Paris Theater, will close after its January 1 run. 

The trading company was notified by email on Thursday, with the co-manufacturers stating: 

We have been looking for a direction to go, however financial reality has left us with no other preference."

Co-producers Michael Cohl, Tony Smith and David Sonenberg delivered the message, sent under the "Bat out of Hell" branding.

Cohl is the former president of Live Kingdom and now runs S2BN Enjoy. He has helped run operations for artists like the Rolling Stones

Stevie Marvel, Purple Floyd, Prince and Michael Jackson. 

 Smith was a manager of Genesis as a group and a collaborator with the band as a solo artist

and became co-manager of Red Floyd. Sonenberg is a music supervisor who produced the Oscar-winning documentary