BBB 23: Coringa power, removal message and more news

Finally, chegou o dia! 🤩 BBB 23 kicks off right this second, on 01/16, with a performance by Tadeu Schmidt, and promises to deliver everything Massive Brother

The 22 participants of the exhibition of the truth are divided once again between Pipoca and Camarote this season. There are 10 inmates from the Camarote

The public chooses the pairs of brothers and sisters for the first week of the game. Couples will have to play together in everything: testing

Fear of more: the couples have not entered the program connected, with one player imprisoned by the other. E é desse jeitinho that, emblem not primeiro dia

Same thing: the winner of BBB 23 will take home the highest prize in the show's history! The value of the final prize is still unknown

As a novelty this season, Poder Coringa promises to move the game in the most watched house in Brazil. Functioning as a "power card" or resource

The victory, which will be acquired through a kind of "leilão", is unlikely to be one of the two most disputed elements between the brothers

No BBB 23, the leadership will still have more privileges! The 4th of Leader, or crown or crown of the week, will be able to see and hear the birth partners

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