Become that Taylor Rapid at the New Orleans beauty salon on Saturday?

Taylor speedy will headline some of the biggest arenas in the country when The Eras tour launches in March. 

 But over the weekend, she attended a much more intimate overall performance in New Orleans.

On Saturday, Speedy jammed the 6:15 p.m. Located in the Preservation Corridor,

 the historic sanctuary of traditional jazz on St. Peter Avenue inside the French Quarter that barely seats 100 people.

Quick did not wear any kind of disguise, not even a hat, to hide his identity.

No one seemed to understand her, though, probably because no one had any idea that one of the world's biggest pop stars

 could be down the aisle for a makeover on an unremarkable Saturday night in December.

“It just got absolutely random and amazing,” said photographer Erika Goldring

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