Big fireplace, she said at him. Chemical Plant A. Salle; citizens called for 'shelter in place'

Emergency crews are on the scene in it. A. Salle County after a large four-alarm fire was reported at a chemical plant in the region

According to Los Angeles police Salle, around 9 a.m. On Wednesday, an "explosion" occurred in a shipping field inside the shipping branch of the Carus 

Chemical Plant, located at 1500 8th Avenue in LaSalle, located approximately 80 miles southwest of Chicago.

Carus, a family-owned chemical manufacturer based in 1915, "elements, products and services for municipal water treatment

Metropolis officials released a statement about the incident, saying "there was a fire at the Carus Chemical building

Shortly after the city's update, the LaSalle Police Department issued a statement warning nearby citizens to stay away from a green substance

Attention LaSalle residents of the 3rd and 4th Wards," the update begins, "due to current events, an oxidizer (which appears to be green in color)

The statement then goes on to train residents on how to deactivate the substance, announcing that "To deactivate, you will need a 1:1:1 mix

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