Big 'teen mom' Leah Messer says it's 'too early' to start a relationship again

Leah Messer is taking her time after breaking up with her ex-fiancé Jaylan Mobley.

In a different human being, the teen star mom admits that she's not ready to re-enter the dating world now after her recent breakup.

"No, not anymore," says the 30-year-old reality star. "It's too fast, it's too soon. I guess it takes longer."

Messer does, but explains how she believes "the right person will arrive" at an unspecified time in the future.

The reality superstar hooked her up with Instagram pro Mobley in September 2021. 

After humans learned the details of their engagement last August, the couple revealed just two months later in October that they were ending their relationship.

Addressing the gap in a joint statement shared with humans, Messer and Mobley said they "discovered that it's rare that we go our separate ways."

"We are very grateful for the instructions, the growth and the memories that we have had in this courtship," they insisted. "Many of you have watched our love story unfold,

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