Bosa explains variations with Seahawks, rivalries with Rams

The 49ers have had their honest share of matchups with the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks over the years.

San Francisco will reignite its competition with Seattle on "Thursday Night Football" at Lumen Field

but for the modern 49ers team, the matchup has lost the excitement it once had.

49ers defensive leaver Nick Bosa said players on the current roster don't view the Seahawks on the inside 

 the same way they view the Rams, thinking San Francisco and Los Angeles have been to the championship game of the NBA. 

"I don't feel very sorry for the Seahawks players," Bosa told reporters Tuesday. 

 "I feel more with the Rams. I would say in terms of players, but I think the workers' coaching staff could be the rivalry for this one."

Bosa's reasoning isn't unexpected, given there aren't many players left on the roster when the 49ers-Seahawks rivalry was at its peak

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