Boston Hosted a Bid for the 2026 NBA Celebrity Game

It's been quite a while since Boston hosted the NBA All-star game, and in fact, none of Boston's biggest sports franchises have hosted an All-celebrity game

That could turn out to be very soon, though, as the city of Boston is set to make a bid for the 2026 NBA celebrity game

According to Haynes, the Boston Celtics are preparing to submit a bid to host celebrity weekend with the first bid being positioned for 2026.

While the NBA has yet to determine who will host the 2025 All-megastar game, Haynes cautions that this will be too soon for the city of Boston.

Both the governor of Massachusetts and the mayor of the city of Boston are in favor of hosting the NBA celebrity game and they want this offer to be found definitely

Last April, The Boston Globe's Gary Washburn said the Celtics were preparing a bid to host the NBA All-star game and ahead of the 2022 NBA Finals

commissioner Adam Silver was very open to the idea. that the Celtics website hosted All. -megastar Weekend, mentioning that he could "foster that Boston software"

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