Boston needed a team that would try to 'limit

 Giannis Mazzulla said the Celtics are lucky to have the perfect matchups for one of 

the most special players in basketball records, with a plethora of big, flexible wings

Provide Williams, Al Horford and even Blake Griffin all took turns defending Antetokounmpo

and they emerged broadly with success. "He's a skilled player," Williams said.

One of the best in the league, so for us, it's just a matter of doing what we can to include him,

and being there and making sure none of the pictures he's taking are soft. For me

just doing something to keep me in front of him, mold the physicality he brings, and force him to take difficult photos

 He has given me a lot of hard blows these days, and the people are the ones who have given you to live. …