Brandi Carlile on her extraordinary 12 months and giving it back

As the music business struggled, returning with suits and stars as the pandemic receded

music artist Brandi Carlile's year turned out to be epic on all levels. Her memoir, "Broken Horses,"

And her album "In these Silent Days" racked up seven Grammy nominations in November 

 and also sparked a huge tour that spanned all of this year.

That tour, at least considerably, had a performance at the Newport folk festival

where the forty-two-year-old Carlile introduced her heroine, Joni Mitchell, ready for Mitchell's first live performance in twenty years

 And, to cap off her top-tier year, in November, Ms. Carlile joined another of her lifelong heroes, Elton John, 

at Dodger Stadium for what was billed as her last live performance in the US. .us

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