Brazil's  crop to exceed storage  for the first time in 20  years

The projection, based entirely on data from the national transport company (Conab) acquired by Reuters, 

Brazil will harvest 189.5 million tons of the main first crop products alone (soybeans, corn and rice), 

Time as it has a total manufacturing potential storage of 187.9 million tons, tightening infrastructure and logistics bottlenecks.

Three million tons are expected, which increases the storage deficit and may result in less time to remove the grain

 The vegetation and dispose of it, since these goods commonly go through drying and cleaning processes inside the warehouses.

It is possible that in the middle of the soybean harvest, within March 2 1/2, we will have the old problem of not finding 

But the situation that I see now is not with the first harvest, because we have been adjusting those numbers for a long time

The priority is the second harvest, there may be extra product ready in the field to go to the cellar.