Britain's egg crisis deepens as consumers continue to endure spiraling shortages .

Britain's egg crisis is deepening as buyers hold on to cope with shortages and spiraling costs.

Some packs are almost double what they were a year ago, and in many stores they really aren't available, especially supermarkets in big cities.

In the last month alone, a third of the eggs for sale in the nine largest supermarkets increased in price, according to grocer magazine.

That noted a round of price hikes in November, when shortages were first noted in stores.

The biggest boom over the last month became six percent. For free-range eggs at Asda, up 18 pence to £1.95

Egg suppliers said availability should improve this month as demand tends to increase during the holiday season.

However, supply increases to stem shortages will take three months to allow suppliers to ramp up output,

the head of Britain's loose egg manufacturers association Robert Gooch said.

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