Brutal moments of the remaining people that the screen can also include

The brutal moments of The Last People are not brief. The universe portrayed during that franchise is a grim, apocalyptic nightmare where death lurks around every corner

In TLOU Components 1 and 2, this harsh environment leads to some violent scenarios and surprising acts being witnessed with the help of the target audience.

The showrunners of the upcoming television adaptation have been talking these days about how they didn't want to entangle the screen with unrelenting violence

If those moments are as sparse in the adaptation as the showrunners claim, they can probably handpick the most brutal screen moments to include.

Riley Abel's death is referenced in the first next-gen game, but we never noticed it fleshed out until the Left in the back of story DLC for TLOU dropped

we see the lead up to the event, but by no means do we definitely see Riley succumb to the infected part that we see her catch.

So you may be wondering why we chose to include an event that happened off-screen as one of the most brutal moments in The Rest of the People

The loss of the young woman's own life is surely not important in the grand scheme of factors, but far from what this loss of life represents

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