BTS has won massively again at this year's Human's Wish Awards!

On December 6 local time, the 2022 Human Preference Awards were held in Santa Monica, California. 

BTS received in three categories along with The 2022 Organization

The 2022 Live Performance Tour, and The Collaboration Of 2022.

This is the 1/3 consecutive year since 2020 (after prevailing in 2018) that BTS has won the institution of the year award

an outstanding feat that cements their international reach. 

 BTS's live performance of “Permission to Dance High” also won the 2022 Live Performance Tour. Earlier this month

BTS became the singlest artist to earn Billboard's Top 5 Boxscores for 2022 on the charts of the year. 

With its concert events from Seoul to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the organization gathered a total of 458,144 attendees at eleven concerts.

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