Bulls' streak snapped by Rockets rout

The loss snapped a season-long three-game winning streak for the Bulls, 

dropping them to 14-19 on the season and a heartbreaking 3-8 against teams under .500.

The Bulls' streak was broken by the Rockets' route. It's not the same mentality,

Zach LaVine said when asked about the disparity between the streak and Monday's performance. 

(We) came away a little indifferent, probably. You take a team for granted, and you can't do that in the NBA."

On the heels of a three-game winning streak on the road that saw the Bulls play at a sustainable level on both ends of the floor

one of their most damning bad habits resurfaced in this one: starting slow on the defensive end.

 the first quarter, Houston took a 10-0 lead, eventually leading as many as 18 points behind the crafty finishing of Alperen