Canadian Woman Allison Holthoff Dies In ER, Husband Says: 'My Children Wouldn't Have Had To Say Goodbye To Their Mother IF...'

Allison Holthoff, a 37-year-old woman from Nova Scotia, Canada, died after a seven-hour wait in the emergency room

The circle of relatives blames the complications and deficiencies in the country's health system for the loss of life. Canada's Health and Wellness Minister Michelle Thompson

This is a sad loss and my heart goes out to them. I realize they want solutions. I would love to extend my condolences to the circle of relative

Allison Holthoff, went to the hospital after complaining that she wasn't feeling well on New Year's Eve. She informed her family 

she kept increasing over time. She had a dislodged tummy on December 31st and went to the ER the next morning as her illness worsened

Her husband, Gunter Holthoff, told CBC News that he wanted to take her in his hers to the nearby Cumberland Health Care Center in Amherst

Nova Scotia, before finding a wheelchair. Gunter said: "he was rolling her around in the wheelchair and he or she should rarely sit down."

After six hours, Allison is taken from the waiting room to a unit without a medical device. They became 6 p.m. At that point

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