Cause of death of actress Charlbi Dean revealed

Charlbi Dean's reason for death was determined 4 months after her passing.

The New York City health leader's office ruled that the South African actress died of bacterial sepsis

which became "a complication of asplenia" (the absence of a spleen) due to "distant blunt trauma to the torso

A spokesman for the coroner's office told the hole on December 21 that the sepsis occurred after Dean became inflamed 

with a bacterium called Capnocytophaga. According to the CDC, Capnocytophaga is transmitted to people through bites

scratches, licks, or other close contact with animals, including puppies and cats

 Humans with autoimmune problems and no spleen are particularly prone to these infections.

The Black Lightning superstar's death was ruled a coincidence, though it's highly doubtful 

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