Cecily Robuste says goodbye to Saturday Night Live

Sending guests into hysterics with her spot-on impressions of celebrities, politicians

 and "The woman you wish you hadn't started a verbal exchange with at a party

After eleven years, Strong made her final appearance as a cast member this weekend in the show's final episode of the year

In a skit in which Strong pretended it was her last day working at Radio Shack, cast member Kenan Thompson celebrated her career.

"Every time he stepped into the painting, he had a new character or a new prop or a new impact that just blew your mind. 

He had a power and joy in his performance that made you remember 

Strong, who became one of SNL's longest-serving cast members, took on formidable impersonations of controversial female figures 

He was not afraid to make fun of the changing political climate, personifying the misinformation

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