Celine Dion wishes her fans a 'Happy Holidays' on Christmas Eve

The French-Canadian singer, 54, took to Instagram to wish French and English-speaking fans a "Merry Christmas" on Christmas Eve.

She opened the video in English and said, "Merry Christmas everyone," before repeating the same thing in French.

"I wish you happiness, the best of health," she continued as she sent the same message

 to her French-speaking lovers before saying "goodbye" and blowing a kiss for the camera.

Earlier this month, Dion learned that she had been diagnosed with a neurological condition known as stiff man or woman syndrome

 a rare and incurable disease that can cause debilitating muscle spasms, among other things

She shared her information with her lovers through a video on Instagram, announcing that her situation would motivate

 her to reschedule a few days that she had planned for christmas

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