Celtics Notebook: Jayson Tatum says the Celtics deserved to be booed

Two weeks ago, the Celtics were 21-5 and seemed to be a level above the rest of the NBA.

Since then, Boston has miraculously come back in the late recreation of a six-game losing streak.

Boston reached a new low in the first half of its 117-112 loss to the Pacers on Wednesday night in Boston. 

The Celtics fell to the back of as many as 30 after an overall lackluster performance in the first half

They came together to make things exciting within the fourth region, but the deficit became too difficult to overcome.

Loud boos from the outfield crowd have been heard for the first time this season.

After back-to-back home losses to the Orlando Magic, Jayson Tatum said he believed he deserved the cruel remedy.

“We got booed, you never need to do this,” Tatum said. "Exactly. It's about how we bounce back though.

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